Sunday, April 25, 2010

Du the Lakes Race Report

Well, as much as I would love to have pictures for this race report, they will have to wait, since I still cannot get the picture from my new camera to my computer.  I have a fix, but it probably won't be delivered until the end of the week.  I guess I will just have to update you with the pictures then.

Anyways, I raced today.  The first real race of the season (for some reason 5Ks don't count in my mind...I mean, it's hardly even a workout if it's under half an hour!;) ) is in the books.  Before I get all analytical, I'll just give you the cold, hard numbers:

Du the Lakes:  3 mile run/20 mile bike/3 mile run

Total:  2:02:54 58/104 overall, 13/42 women, 3rd in AG F35-39 (actually 4th but the 1st overall female was from my AG)

Run #1:
29 min. 9:40 pace  86/104 overall, 30/42 women, 5/8 F35-39
44 sec. 20/104 overall, 8/42 women, 2/8 F35-39
1:04:54 18.8 mi/hr  38/104 overall, 8/42 women, 2/8 F35-39
34 sec. 19/104 overall, 8/42 women, 2/8 F35-39
Run #2:
27:42 9:14 pace  62/104 overall, 20/42 women, 4/8 F35-39

My plan from Mary was to go easy on the first run, go hard on the bike, and push as hard as I could but maintain pace on the second run.

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I guess.

This was my first duathlon, but I felt pretty confident going in.  I was in the second start wave, and started a ways behind the start line even though there weren't that many people.  It was kind of disorganized, and when they said go a lot of the people I was standing around didn't go...apparently they were in the next wave.  I settled into a nice pace and watched people pass me.  But I was okay with that, because that was the plan!!  I didn't do any warm-up besides jumping up and down a little bit, so I didn't really feel warmed up until about the middle of the third mile.

Came into transition and made quick work of the change and was on the bike in no time.  I felt really strong on the bike and passed quite a few people right off the bat.  After that I slowly picked off riders one by one.  I was only passed by a few of the faster men in the wave behind mine.  I was passed by one woman, but I'm almost positive she was in a relay team.  There were two huge hills at the end of the course, and I was in granny gear all the way.  I still felt strong though, even though I was hurting a bit.  Finished strong on a fun downhill to transition.

Another quick change, and I was off on the second run.  Coach Mary told me to push hard and then try to keep the pace within 5 seconds of the first mile.  Uh, yeah, that did not happen.  My first mile was 8:44 and it hurt.  I was running at the top of my HR and my breathing was very labored.  The next mile began on a hill.  I pushed up the hill, but slowed way down.  Mile 2 was 9:21...definitely not in the plan.  Once I hit the second mile marker, my spirits lifted and I started to push a bit more.  According to my Garmin the course was a bit long, so my third mile was 9 minutes even with an additional .08 mile in 37 seconds.

Came across the finish, and was super excited to see Kel and the boys.  I wasn't sure if they were coming or not because the weather was iffy.  I grabbed my fleece and my bottle of First Endurance Ultragen recovery drink, cappuccino flavor, of course, which I was super glad I brought because all they had there was water and soda.

Obviously I'm pleased with a 3rd place in my age group, but I am a bit disappointed that I didn't push harder on the second run.  It really hurt, and after the race I pretty much declared that I would be totally happy never running short course races again.  I'm just not sure if I have a fast bone or muscle in my body!!  Is it that I just don't know how to push hard on the run, or that I really just can't run fast to save my life??

Well, I guess I would be okay not knowing the answer to that question.

Overall, the race, which is in its first year, was well done.  There were a few little things that would have made it better like women's t-shirts or at least enough small shirts for the women (I requested a small and got a medium because there were no more), better food at the end, and more volunteers directing racers on the course.  I loved the low-key, relaxed feel of this race though, and would definitely do it again if I could figure out how to run faster!!

Hopefully, I'll have some pics by the end of the week.  I won a visor for my 3rd place AG finish.  Also, a big congrats to Mike, my Train-This teammate, who came in 2nd overall, and his wife, Jen, who came in first in her age group, which happened to also be my age group!!


  1. Nice job lady!

    Very good work. About the your coach, trust the plan. This is the first race, just keep on keeping on.

  2. Great job!! 2 out of 3 is a good start for your first duathlon! Can't wait to see the pics.

  3. Congratulations. Sounds like you did a great job.

    It is nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Stop by sometime.

  4. Awesome job!!!!!! Your plan worked!

  5. nice job Chickie! Get that camera figured out!


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