Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trimommy Training Camp Days 3 and 4 I am again, lying on my bed in the beautiful warm sunshine with my feet propped up on a pillow or three (all of them are my husband's if you were wondering.)  Days 3 and 4 of Trimommy Training Camp are complete.

Day 3 was a recovery day, so I did a nice easy 60 minute spin in Zone 1 on the trainer last night while I listened to Matty Reed on the Rev3 Radio Show.  If you missed it you can download the podcast here, and it is worth your time.  While Simply Stu was interviewing Matty Reed and Heather Gollnick, Matty's wife, Kelly, was in the chatroom answering the "real" questions.  So fun and interesting.  Next Wednesday the world champion himself, Crowie, will be in the hot seat. (Did I tell you Crowie is going to be racing the half at Quassy?  For real!!  I will be competing with the man you think he's worried?)

Anyway, onto Day 4.  Today's schedule called for a 90 minute run, with the first 75 min. in Zone 2 and the last 15 min. as a tempo run.  It is so beautiful here, I wore my Saucony running skirt to complement my new Saucony Grid Sinisters.  Do you think they look bad or what?

It really was a great run, but I was just a tiny bit disappointed when I stopped my Garmin and it read 8.99 miles.  What!?!?!  I should have just run around my cul-de-sac once, but that wasn't in the plan, so onward I went.

My run was to be followed by a 2 hour ride, with time spent in both Zone 2 and Zone 3.  All morning long I had been going back and forth as to whether or not I would ride outside.  I haven't been out since last season, and I always am a bit nervous for that first ride outside, for whatever reason.  Today, I was home alone, and I just didn't feel good about going out for 2 hours by myself for the first time, so I did the first 1:15 on the trainer, and when I couldn't stand it any longer, I took Buttercup outside and loved every minute of it.  The last 45 min. was all Zone 2, and it was a breeze.  I forgot how much I love riding outside and was kind of bummed I didn't do the whole ride outside, but in the end, I think it was good that I followed my intuition.  Who knows what might have happened if I didn't listen to that inner voice.

The ride was followed by another ice bath...I know--2 in one week is crazy, CRAZY, I say!!  I'm getting the routine down pat, though.  Hop in the tub, then start the water.  Start the watch and then dump the ice in (the water is pretty cold on its own.)  Turn the ipod on really loud to Hey, Soul Sister (which, really, I could listen to over and over again), and breathe into my scarf (I couldn't find my hat and didn't want to go's fetching dontcha think?).  The last 5 minutes almost feel good.

And now, I have 5 more minutes of legs up, lying in the sunshine before I go to get Ryan off the bus.  We are headed to his science fair (don't even get me started on the topic of science projects for 1st graders), and out to dinner.  One more big day and two recovery days to go in Trimommy Training Camp...I am having a great time!!


  1. Even more jealous then the last time

  2. Hold something hot, hot tea! hot water! hot chocolate recovery drink! Way to go sister!

  3. I'm jealous. I gotta get my bike outside ASAP. I can relate to being hesitant to break the trainer routine though. There is something comforting about the convenience of the bike trainer that I'll miss, but love the outdoors way more.

    Less than 3 months to Quassy!

  4. Looks like things are going well. Good job on the ice baths. I can't do them. No matter what. But I do have some hot pink compression socks that help! :)

  5. I think Crowie is definitely scared. Why else would he be training so hard? ;)

  6. I liked your series of foot shots! And sorry, but the photo of you in the scarf cracked me up.

  7. hysterical. i can't help but wonder... with all this training, where do you find time to practice flute parts, for say... piano concertino's?


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