Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was dreading my run all day today for some reason.  Tuesdays are a long day for me, so Coach Mary always gives me something fairly light.  Today was a 40 minute endurance run that I was planning on running once I got home this evening.

All day long, I was exhausted.  My head was hurting, I was having trouble focusing, and I kept thinking about that run I still had to do.  I even took my time packing up all my stuff and getting to the car because I was in no hurry to get home to run.  I decided a long day deserved a skim latte (full strength) and there might have been a chocolate chip cookie involved...don't tell Coach, but sometimes extreme measures are required.

After the boys were all tucked in, I turned on the spotlights in my sunroom, and there stood my treadmill in all her glory.  "I am not afraid of you," I thought in my caffeinated mind.  I hopped on, armed with just my Saucony's and my Garmin.  I quickly made it into Zone 2, and, what do you know, as the sweat dripped from my face, the minutes ticked by, and the miles added up, and I. Felt. Great.

I was running in Zone 2, and running at a pace that is about 30 seconds faster than my pace I was running in Zone 2 in February!

That, my friends, is progress, and it found me today in an unexpected way.

Don't forget to enter my Bora Bora giveaway by tomorrow night!  I will pick the winner Thursday morning.


  1. Excellent. Surprise wonderful strong runs are like finding money in an old pair of jeans.

  2. yay for 30 seconds faster! Just think: that's more than 1.5 minutes off your 5K time!

  3. Good to hear domeone is having progress, I been slow all winter and I am still slow, getting at little frustrated with it.

  4. Woohoo...awesome job! Isn't it amazing how you can dread running, but once you start it feels awesome! That's one of the reasons why I love to run. :)


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