Saturday, March 6, 2010

The $1 Challenge

Last year I raised money for Lifewater International, and it really brought a lot of meaning to my racing.  I enjoyed doing the fundraising, but I realized that many people feel they can't give because they don't have enough to make a difference.  I find I almost always don't give because I don't have an extra $50, $25, or $15 to spare.

I've decided I'm going to go a different route this season.  I will not be raising money for a specific cause, but I am going to donate at least $1 to fundraising goals that catch my eye.  $1 may not seem like a lot, and it's not, which is exactly the point.  It is not a lot to me, the girl who buys way too much coffee, can't walk out of Target without spending at least $50, and feels like if I buy something with change it "doesn't count", but even $1 can make a difference to someone who has nothing.  Even $1 is one more dollar supporting the cause that wasn't there before. Even $1 can make a difference if 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 people give $1.

So here is my challenge to myself and to you if you care to join me.  Next time you come across a blog or get an email about someone racing for a cause, before you close that page, give $1.  If everyone did this small thing, think about what big things could happen.

Here are a few causes to get you started:

Heather at Run Faster Mommy is racing for Team Fight and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults
Mel at Tall Mom on the Run is running for Susan G. Komen Marathon for a Cure
Amelia is racing with Team In Training to beat Leukemia and Lymphoma
Joel is riding to fight Multiple Sclerosis ($5 minimum donation)

I will be putting up a permanent link on my sidebar to these and other causes.  If you would like me to link to your donation page, please send me an email at kcovert1 [at] twcny [dot] rr [dot] com.


  1. kelly,
    I LOVE this.
    Thank you so much for putting my page up on your 1$ challenge, and thank you so much for sponsoring me :)

  2. great idea, it's so true that every little bit helps.

  3. This is an awesome idea Kelly.

    I found random crumpled up dollar bills in the couch or in the glove box of my car all the time. I should turn them into a mini charity fund.

  4. Kelly, many many thanks for paying the the honor of posting about my fundraising efforts. Thanks for helping launch my fundraising this year, too!

    This is such a great idea. And as you said, if everyone can give just a little, it all adds up to a lot.

    Thanks again!


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