Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trakkers News (and other thoughts)

Hey, ya'll.  I'm channeling my inner southern girl talk today as I sit by the fire and look out onto my (still) snow-covered deck.  I'm grew up in Florida and Georgia, so I still have a lot of friends who live down that way.  All over Facebook and the blogworld, it seems like all I see are more pictures of snow.  Now, I get it that it's a big deal to have snow in the south, but, come on people!!  I haven't seen the ground here since December, I don't want to see your snow too!!

(Okay...snow rant is over.  I really don't mind the snow, in fact I prefer snow-covered ground in the winter to mud.  I just think it's funny that everyone is making such a big deal about what we see here on a regular basis.  The end.)

Anyway, I have lots of Team Trakkers news for you guys today!  First of all, you must go check out the new and improved Trakkers website.  It is way cool, especially this page.

There was also a story on about Team Trakkers.  While I didn't get a personal mention, there is this great little blurb about the age-groupers:
Additionally, the Trakkers Team is broadly represented in the tri ranks, from the pointy end of the races proudly to the back of the pack.
Oh, yeah!!  I am valued no matter how slow I am!  How cool is that???

I also recieved my new Saucony Xodus shoes the other day, just in time for the Chilly Chili 5K on Sunday.  I opted for some trail shoes, because I have made a promise to my friend, Ben, ultra-runner extrordinaire, to get out and run in the dirt with him this season.  They were great for the cold, snowy conditions on Sunday.  They have Vibram rubber on the soles for better traction and are water-resistant.  My feet were toasty warm on Sunday!!

First Endurance, another Team Trakkers sponser was featured in a article.  The co-founder, Robert Kunz, talks about the birth of his nutrition company and the link between science and sport.  It's very interesting.

I am still amazed that I am a member of Team Trakkers.  It is very intimidating, but at the same time motivating.  I want to represent at Rev3 Quassy, and knowing that I will be in Trakkers green on race day certainly gives me an extra push when I'm feeling a little lazy!!

And, finally, I will leave you with this picture of Noah.  I had the camera on the counter, and he handed it to me with firm instructions to take his picture. Then he sat there with this face until I did. This kid cracks me up!! (Please note aforementioned snow-covered deck in the background.)


  1. I think it's amazing that you're a part of Team Trakkers!

    Nice kicks, and cute photo of Noah.

    There are some short hills in our hood, I go up, down and around Marinus drive, then do the path behind Isles of Pines, then down to the part of hidden lake that brings you back up to the golf course.

  2. Yes, it's hard not to roll your eyes as you see or hear people talking about snow as if it were manna from heaven. . .I digress. Love the pics and enjoy the shoes!!

  3. Kelly! Your comment just popped up and it made my whole day! I hope you enjoy that cute little boy of yours, enjoy Valentines Day, and of course the new shoes :)
    thank you for making my day!!

  4. Can't wait to cheer you on from the Quassy course again this year!


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