Friday, February 19, 2010

Super-Trimommy Strikes Again!

I had another tough swim workout today.  Coach Mary is hitting me hard with the 100 repeats...ouch!!  But today I had an edge.  Yep, you better believe the Super-Trimommy was rocking the power lane at the pool in my new Splish grab bag suit.

Oh, yeah!!  This is my first Splish suit, and I knew I was taking a bit of a risk with the grab bag, but how can I turn down a $20 suit??  Clearly, Splish knew what this Trimommy needed and provided some much needed swim inspiration!!  How can you NOT swim fast with a Super-Trimommy suit??

After many nights of Kel gently sniffing my hair and commenting on my lovely chlorine perfume, tonight he will be in for a big surprise.  The other day I received an awesome package of TriSwim products that included shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.  Check out what their website says about getting the chlorine OUT:
The ingredients in TRISWIM work to neutralize Chlorine and Chlorine odor on skin and in hair. TRISWIM has up to 5 sequestering agents which assist in attacking the chlorine, grabbing a hold of it, and washing the chemical down the drain. Not only does TRISWIM detoxify, but with our innovative formula, it also hydrates and nourishes with ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and E, and ProVitamin B5.
Guess what, my friends??  No chlorine on me!!  Just a lovely clean (gender-neutral, in case you were wondering) scent on my hair and my skin.  My favorite thing was the lotion.  It smelled so fresh, and my skin is not itchy at all.  I have pretty sensitive skin and some lotions are just a little too much for it.  So far, so good with the Tri-Swim Lotion.

I'm looking forward to trying out Trislide, which is a skin lubricant that is safe for use with wetsuits.  It's also supposed to be great for inside the bike shorts, too!  I'll keep you posted!!

This Super-Trimommy is pooped from a long afternoon with the boys at the science museum.  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Now that has to be the coolest $20 suit yet!!!

  2. Hmmm I might need to invest in a splish suit. I am not back down to one suit. That stinks!

    LOL On the TriSwim stuff. I just tried a small sample packet of their shampoo and conditioner and it was not my fav. I am glad to hear it works for you!!!! I just couldn't get used to the smell LOL

  3. That suit is just awesome!

    I have heard so many good things about the TriSwim stuff. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get some for myself. :)

  4. Woot! Love the super woman suit!

  5. Awesome suit! I have never purchased a Splish suit since I could never justify the price, but $20 is an amazing bargain.

  6. You go that in your grab bag!!! I'm so jealous!! I got a one piece and two piece grab bag and I got CRAP!!! my one piece has pomona college on it and my two piece is canadian... SERIOUSLY! CRAP!

    I was very disappointed!!! :( Yes, you took a risk and got a good one. lucky you.

  7. That is a really cool suit!

    I wear the chlorine au perfume all the time, I guess I will have to try out the TriSwim and see if it changes my lovely chlorine scent :)

  8. awesome suit! I was so afraid if I got a grab bag suit it would end up being the gold metalic suit, haha! I need to check out that shampoo, my hair has been a hot mess since I started swimming

  9. Nice suit. $20 says you will not rock it out during a tri this season, although I would not put it past you. You need a matching headband though. That would be super cool. Something that glitters.


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