Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sunday Report

I really wanted to post another post this week because it was an interesting week, but the Sunday Report will just have to do.  I was very tired this entire week.  Not only was I tired, I was also a little less motivated than usual.  I hit all of my workouts, though, and two of them really stuck out in my mind as being excellent despite the fatigue that has seemed to settle into my bones.

First of all, I'm pretty sure I had a little breakthrough during one of the toughest swim workouts I've ever completed.  It was a warm-up, then a main set of 20 100s fast.  The goal was to keep pace during each 100...this was not where I had the breakthrough.  BUT in my effort to keep up and be efficient at the same time, I was focusing on really rotating from my core.  As I did this, lo and behold, I realized that the core pulls the arm through the water!  Amazing!  I can't wait to get back into the pool to try it again.  I was so excited about it on Friday, I even had a dream about it.  Hopefully that is my subconcious cementing the feeling into my neurons so it will come right back to me!

As I type this I am watching olympic figure skating, and Scott Hamilton just made a comment about how you just have to "concentrate and let your body do its job."  Brilliant.

The other great workout was my long(ish) ride yesterday.  I worked all day in Ithaca and didn't even begin my planned hour and 45 minutes on the trainer until 8:30.  I've been having some saddle comfort issues on my fairly new John Cobb V-Flow Max, so I had not been looking forward to the ride.  On Friday, I even gave John Cobb a call to see if he had any suggestions for me.  His first suggestion that was mirrored by the person who sold me the saddle was to wear cycle shorts. I've been riding in tri shorts, so I pulled on a pair of cycle shorts and that solved my problem!  It was a great ride, despite the late hour, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It always seems the longer I go, the better I feel.

Nutrition has been going okay...5 boxes of dreaded girl scout cookies found their way into my kitchen, and, I swear, I had nothing to do with it.  You can read here about my feelings about girl scout cookies.  I might have had a little willpower breakdown today in the form of 4 thin mints and 2 samoas...and yet they still call out to me!! Anyway, here are my numbers.

Swim:  1h 45m 4300 yds
Bike:  6h 47m 45s 78.44 mi
Run:  2h 2m 26s 12.28 mi
Strength: 30m
Total:  11h 5m 10s
Love it!!!  Happy training!


  1. Ohhh...I totally hear you about the Girl Scout Cookies. I bought 4 boxes from a girl at my son's preschool and that was a huge mistake! I try to only eat 2 samoas (a serving size), but who can only eat 2??? Not me! If I'm not careful I will seriously eat the whole box! Ha ha!

  2. I put my Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer thinking that will keep me from eating a bunch at a time...YEAH RIGHT!!! They taste just as good frozen. YUMMMM!

    PS...did you see that the Iron Girl Syracuse map is up on their website?

  3. yeah, I ordered cookies too, hope Mike eats them before I do.

    Nice breakthrough in your swim! Work that core!


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