Monday, February 1, 2010

The Sunday Report and January in Numbers

Ahh...nothing like the Sunday report on a Monday.  That is pretty much how my week has been.  I'm  back to work, and, since I can't complain about my 5 week holiday break, I will say nothing!!

Here are the numbers for the week...
Swim:  2h 30m 7000 yds
Bike:  4h 3m 49s 41.14 mi
Run:  1h 15m 7.33 mi
Strength: 1h
Total:  8h 48m 59s
...and for the month of January...

Swim: 7h 03m 19000 Yd
Bike: 16h 15m 10s 167.42 Mi
Run: 4h 58m - 23.22 Mi
Strength: 4h 30m

Total:  32h 46m 10s

For some reason, maybe the fact that Rev3 Half-Rev in Quassy is 18 weeks (and counting) away, I've started to get nervous that I'm not doing enough. But then I try to remind myself that Coach Mary knows way more than me about how to structure training, so I am trusting her to give me the right volume at the right time.  I also went back to see where I was last January, just for kicks, and I'm about where I was last year.  Overall, I've spent a little more time on the bike, a little less on the run, and about the same in the pool.  And, of course, last year I was doing absolutely no strength training, so that is a big improvement.

I'm thinking I might do a whole post this week dedicated to nutrition.  I've been working really hard on my own eating and fueling, and have also been doing a lot of reading on different ideas regarding nutrition and endurance athletes.  Definitely come back to check it out!!
Have a great week, and happy training!


  1. Great job for the month! You've got TONS of time to get ready - you will be peaked at just the perfect time for the race! :)

  2. Its amazing how a date plays with your mind. You still have plenty of time, and your coach has a plan. You will do great

  3. looking forward to the nutrition post!

  4. Looks to be me like you are off on the right path for the new year!


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