Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My motivation has been a little lackluster lately, and last week I hopped into the pool for a tough workout.  I wasn't really looking forward to it and was kind of stalling, when I saw a woman who I know is just learning how to swim hop into the shallow end of a lap lane.

She is training for Irongirl Syracuse, and before she started this process had never even put her head under the water.  She has been taking swim lessons, and I saw her a couple of weeks ago with her swim instructor practicing bobs to get her head under the water.

She slid into the water and ducked her head under.  Then she swam from the shallow end to the line where the deep end starts, turned around and swam back.  She did this for about 25 minutes...and I was totally inspired.

I was just dreading my workout, but she was dreading the water.  Despite her intense fear and hurdles she must overcome, she was in there getting it done...and I was inspired. 

Sometimes it is not the best or the fastest people that push you.  Thank you, A., for your inspiration.  You will become friends with the water, and I cannot wait to see you at the finish line!!


  1. Spot on! Spot on! hang in there girl...... this is the toughest part of the season. Your rewards will soon be yours to reap!

  2. That's a really cool story- good for her! Very inspiring :)

  3. Great post. You are so right about it not always being the best or fastest people that push us. She is very inspiring...thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this...That would be me the girl that swims half the pool...It's getting better...but it's funny reading this, it was a whole new take on what I must look like...To me I just look like the crazy girl that is doing, well I don't even know what! So thanks again for this little post!

  5. Wonderful moment-thank you for sharing.

  6. I love this story for so many reasons. Often people who are starting out feel self-conscious about where they are in the journey and forget how no one is judging their skill and speed... and mostly just inspired by the bravery to try something new. Thanks for posting this.

  7. love it.

    I wrote a post earlier in the week about inspiration...did you read it? Because I wanted to ask you if I could profile you next!!


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