Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zone 2 has Nothing on Me!!

Quick post because my pillow is calling my name.

I had two awesome workouts today.  They were awesome, not because I was sweating it out for hours at LT, or because I was doing killer intervals.  Nope, it was a 25 min. endurance run in Zone 2 and a 60 min. endurance ride with some one-legged drills in Zone 2.

They were awesome because I kicked Zone 2's butt today.  During the run, I only went over a couple of times, and I was running faster by about .2 mph than I was on Tuesday!!  I felt great!  Same for the ride.  I was nailing Zone 2 today, and riding with a fast cadence on all my one-legged drills!

Woo-hoo!!!  Trimommy - 2 points     Zone 2 - 0!!


  1. Wow, nice work, esp on the one legged drills, they are such a pain that i jump out of zone 2.

  2. You totally kick zone 2's bootie! Rock on!


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