Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sunday Report

Ahh...I am definitely not sad to see this week end.  Onward and upward I say!!

Here are the weekly numbers:

Swim:  1h 15m 3500 yds
Bike:  3h 55m 43s 39.57 mi
Run:  51m 27s 4.75 mi
Strength:  1h
Total:  7h 2m 10s
Training was good this week.  My heel/achilles is feeling better each day, and Coach Mary is totally being conservative with the run and forcing me to stay on top of strength and stretching.  I have also been really working on my nutrition, and finished the week with a solid 26 out of 28 points in my nutrition challenge.  With all of the stress from other areas this week, I am glad to say that I indulged in very little emotional eating.
I am looking forward to getting into a little more volume, but I'm still loving training and sticking with my New Year's intention of not complaining (for the most part!).  How is it possible that I could complain, when I am clearly so blessed??
Have a great week and happy training!!


  1. I hope the achilles heels fast< i had that problem last year, i should have rested more

  2. Great week and glad that your heel is getting better!


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