Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Sunday Report

Ahh...there is something so bittersweet about Sunday night.  I love the relaxed feeling of Sunday night, but there is always Monday lurking in the future.  Not really a week night, but not the weekend any more either.  Still, I will enjoy sitting in front of the fire and reflect back on my week.  Here are the numbers:

Swim:  1h 48m 4500 yds
Bike:  4h 35m 6s 43.38 mi
Run:  53m 26s 5.48 mi
Strength: 1h
Total: 8h 16m 32s
The running was a little bit of a disappointment this week.  I have really been progressing with good form, and then my stupid heel starts hurting.  That reminds me...I need to go get the ice pack.
We had a little bit of excitement tonight at our house.  Kel decided to surprise the boys with something.  Take a look...

We've got a little Wii action going on!!  I hope this was a good decision...I guess time will tell.

Have a great week and happy training!


  1. don't worry about the heel! (that's my job :-)

    I hemmed and hawed about getting the Wii, and we have had nothign but fun. Wait till you get the Wii fit!

  2. I'm so jealous! I really really want a Wii!!

  3. Hi Kelly! I love that you do tris. It is one of my ultimate goals. I look forward to reading!

  4. Try Wii Sports'll need motion sensors for your remotes, but its worth it. Fun, gets and keeps you moving! I love it, especially the frisbee and table tennis (much better than in the original Wii Sports). Have fun with it, Wii makes it very easy to make you in charge of the game in an active way. I like that.

  5. yay Kelly! Thanks for the feedback on the squash... Looks like you and your little ones are happy and enjoying the New Year! I hope all of it goes well, life & sport & mommyhood! God bless your socks off chica!!


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