Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Endurance Goodies

Check out what I had waiting for me on Monday when I came home...

...a box of nutrition goodies from my sponsor, First Endurance.  I got the EFS sports drink, Ultragen recovery drink and a bottle of EFS Liquid Shot, which is similar to an energy gel, only liquid not gel.
I used the EFS drink mix during masters swim on Monday night, followed by a 1/2 serving of the Ultragen recovery drink.  I also used both of them again during and following my swim workout today.  My initial thoughts are:
  • Hello!!!  I got the Ultragen Cappuccino flavor, and it is so yummy!!  I'm just using a 1/2 serving which mixes right into 6oz. of water.  I mixed it up in a water bottle before the swim with a couple of ice cubes, and chugged it right down after I was dry.  It tastes like an iced cappucino!  Usually I like chocolate milk for recovery, but this is just like a more grown-up, athlete-like chocolate milk.  I'll be interested to see how it affects my recovery as I get into longer workouts.
  • The EFS sports drink is also good.  I got the tangerine flavor, and when I first tasted it was pleasantly surprised at how subtle it was.  It is just ever so slightly salty tasting, which doesn't bother me, but if you like your sports drinks super sweet, you might not like this flavor.  It mixes so easily (as does the Ultragen) with no clumps, which is one of my beefs with other sports drink powders.  Again, I will be interested to see how my training goes using this drink as I get into longer sessions.
I haven't tried the EFS Liquid Shot yet, because the gel flask has 400 calories worth in it, so I will be saving it for a long workout.  Once you open it, you have to use it within 24 hours, and I certainly don't want to waste it!!  So you can look forward to more nutrition reports on First Endurance.  I encourage you to check out their is really informative and goes into a lot of the science behind their products.  For all of you smarties out there, I'm sure you will find it very interesting!!


  1. The Ultragen Recovery drink cappuccino flavor sounds sooo good! I usually just drink chocolate milk too, but this stuff sounds interesting. I'll be looking forward to more reviews from you!

  2. NICE!! I love it when sponsors send stuff, its like xmas all over again!!

  3. The ultragen orange creamsicle is quite delicious too. Tastes like ORANGE CREAMSICLE! Imagine that.

  4. yum, I love cappuccino everything!

  5. Oooh, I didn't get the recovery drink, but I'm such a coffee junkie I'm going to have to get that!!


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