Friday, January 22, 2010

Catch Up

Sorry I've been so quiet the last few days.  I've been busy, and then something with work came up that sucked up all my time and energy.  I'm not going to go into it, but I'm so glad it's resolved.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I headed over to Rochester to meet up with Coach Mary. She was doing a talk for a mother's group there, so I met her before and we headed to the meeting together. She talked about her story (which is amazing and inspiring), and focused on how she balances working, training, and motherhood with a sense of humor and great finesse. Here's a picture of the group and Mary (I'm behind the camera.)

Next we headed over to the YMCA to sit down and go over my Annual Training Plan (ATP).  This is basically a big chart that has all of my races marked in, then Mary can figure out how my training will flow in order to be ready for the races.  We also talked a lot about nutrition, both daily and during workouts.  I think my season is pretty much set, so look forward to more on that soon.

After working on the ATP for about 30 minutes, we hopped in the pool, so she could take a look at my stroke.  It was a nice relaxing swim.  Coach just sort of swam in the lane with me, and checked me out whenever she slipped past.  Every now and then we would both stop, and she would give me a couple of details to work on.  Overall, she said my stroke and body position look pretty good, which was nice to hear.  She wants me to work on straightening out my hand entry, as I have a tendency to cross over ever so slightly, and that is costing me efficiency.  We also talked about rotating more from the core as opposed to the shoulders.  She said I will be able to increase my power this way.  I love having things to work makes my workouts feel so purposeful, and now that she knows what I need to work out, I'm sure the plan will reflect that!!

After our swim, we headed over to Breathe, the amazingly gorgeous yoga studio/boutique/cafe where Mary teaches yoga.  She introduced me all around, then we sat down for a delicious lunch prepared with all-natural, local ingredients.  We both had the Buddha bowl, which will not give you a Buddha belly!! It was brown rice, with peppers and tofu, topped with a delicious peanut dressing. 

So my thoughts about finally sitting down with Mary and getting to know her are:
  • I feel like I have known her for a long time.  I know this isn't The Bachelor, but we really do have a connection!
  • We have a lot in common from parenting to body image.  I told her that I was so glad to see she was tall (5'10").  No offense to my less-than-tall friends, but sometimes it's nice to have a person that really "gets" how you feel about your body, and she totally does.  
  • Her passion for coaching and triathlon is totally contagious, and I'm so excited for the year to come!!
  • Her vision for what I can do seems to be limitless.  I love that she believes in me.

Coach Mary, aka Ironmamma, and me, aka Trimommy.

Obviously, it was a great time.  I came home to find a box of books on my front porch.  Check 'em out...

I started with  Racing Weight: How To Get Lean for Peak Performance by Matt Fitzgerald.  Hello...if only reading it would help me get lean...must do it to achieve it!!  I told Kel he could read Born to Run first because I kind of used part of a Border's gift card that belonged to him to buy it! And I'm sure Julie and Julia will get in the mix really soon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That sounds like you had a great day with your coach!

    You will love "Born to Run!" It is a great book!!! I actually started researching barefoot running b/c of it and have worked my way up to running a mile barefoot (on the treadmill). I'll never be a true barefoot runner (I'm getting a pair of VFF this spring..woohoo!), but I definitely think there is some truth to the concept behind it.

  2. Ooh let me know what you think of Julie and Julia - I loved the movie, but mmm, not so much the book. However, I LOVED Child's book "My Life In France." A lot of the movie was taken from that book, make sure you read that one too and let me know if you liked it!

    Keep up the blogging, its giving me inspiration!

  3. What a great day to connect with your coach!

  4. Good for you, it sounds like a really inspiring day.....I loved Born to Run!

  5. Wow, what a great day you had

    BTW I actually like that movie, surprised me

  6. Hey, You will love Born to Run and I'm interested to hear what you think about Racing Weight. What a fabulous day you had. Can't wait to hear what's in store for 2010!

  7. Excellent. I will have to check out Racing Weight.

  8. PS. Coach Mary's link didn't work.

  9. Laura...the link is fixed...thanks!!

    Ben, my dear not-so-tall friend, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings!!


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