Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bike Test Results and Some Link Love

Here's the bike test graph from this morning.  The goal was to have a nice warm-up, then go for 20 minutes all out.  This was the first time I've ever done a Lactate Threshold (LT) Test on the bike.  You can read about when I did a run test here, with more explanation about what LT is, and why we need to know it.

I ended up using the Spinervals 27.0 Threshold Test and Suffer Fest, to guide me through the test.  It included a fairly substantial warm-up with a few pick-ups.  The blue section of the graph above was my actual 20 minute time trial.  The red line is my heart rate, the orange line is my cadence, and the blue line is my speed. I think I did a pretty good job of holding an even effort throughout the 20 minutes, but it was tough.  Sweat was literally pouring off of me.  I had my ipod on, and the music was super loud.  I was in a pretty hard gear, and I tried to keep my cadence between 75 and 80.  Clearly, I paid no attention to speed (I have no idea what that is all about???)  This was incredibly difficult, and I really had to push myself to keep going...it was fantastic.

Right after the 20 minute test was done, I was so exhausted I almost started to cry.  I'm not really sure why--it was a surprising reaction to me.  I was definitely proud of myself, and hurting just a little.  I was glad it was over, so maybe I was just overcome with relief?  What I find very interesting about my reaction, is that, for me, it clearly shows just how connected the mind and body are.  When I push myself physically, it shows emotionally.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I think it is very interesting, and it goes right along with my Mind-Body-Spirit goals of 2010.

Anyway, when all was said and done, my average heart rate was 172 for the 20 minute trial.  That seems right to me based on what I know of my past tests in run zones.  Generally, zones for the bike are a little lower than run zones.  So now Coach Mary will take that number and figure out my zones, and from now on, when she says keep it in zone 2 - endurance, I will know exactly what HR range she is talking about.  The benefit of this is that I will be sure to train my body slow and steady to build up my endurance, and not push too hard all the time (which I have been known to do.)

On another note, for any of you who are looking for a great deal on triathlon gear, including the new Garmin 310XT, take a swing over to Mark's blog for some great discounts.  Mark is an ironman-in-training, a composer, a pianist, oh, yeah, and he has FIVE kids under the age of 7!!!  (Yes, his wife is a saint.)   He's currently training for the Rev3Tri Full at Cedar Point in September.  I'm toying with the idea of going...if it's anything like Rev3Tri at Quassy was last year, it's going to be a great race.  If you are thinking of registering for any of the Rev3Tri events be sure to use my discount code  TRAKKERS115 for $10 off each race you register for!!

Have a great night...I might finish watching Twighlight (again) tonight.  For those of you that offered your books...thanks, but I've read them already.  It only took me about 2 weeks to get through all four!!  Stay warm!!


  1. Way to put it out there for those tests - they're brutal!

  2. I'm tired just looking at the graph!

    Let me know if you decide to do the chilly chili!!!

  3. Bike trainer workouts always make me weep when they are over (gratitude at being done?). Great job on your test!!!

  4. Great job on the bike test! Looks like it was a tough workout!

  5. Awesome work - I am really impressed with your progress. I need to find a coach!


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