Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Look Back

Today is the one-year anniversary of my blog!  Happy birthday to Trimommylife!!  Here are some highlights:

My very first blog post.
Why I Tri.
I got my tri bike, Buttercup.
I was chosen to be a part of Team Trakkers.
I struggled.
I had good days...
and not so good days.
I got to race a half-iron relay at the inaugural Rev3Tri.
I raced my first half-ironman,
and IronGirl Syracuse.
I got an injury.
After I was healed, I totally changed my approach to running.
I got myself a coach...or I should say she found me!

Thanks to all of you who stop by and read and support and encourgage and sympathize and cheer.  I have loved blogging more than I ever thought I would, and I'm looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rev3Tri - Check it out!

This is a video of the highlights from the Rev3Tri HalfRev in Quassy  last year.  It's so cool, especially because I was there!  I am not in the video (what were they thinking? ;) ), but, believe me, it was even more exciting in person.  You can read about my race here.

Rev3 Highlight Reel from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

Don't forget that there are olympic, half and full distances being offered in the Rev3Tri series this year in Knoxville, Quassy, and Cedar Point!  Click on this code to register and get $10 off entries to any and all Rev3Tri events:

Come race with me!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Sunday Report

Here are the numbers...have I mentioned lately how much I am enjoying my training???  Loving it, loving it!!!  I love having a plan and a purpose.  I should do this with more areas of my life.  Is there such a thing as a parenting coach?

Anyway...I are the numbers:

Swim:  1h 30m 4000 yds
Bike:  2h 20m 6s 35.91 mi
Run:  1h 45m 29s 10.72 mi
Strength: 1h

Total:  6h 35m 35s

I had a great run today...I really feel these changes starting to happen.  I hardly even have to think about a forefoot strike anymore, and all of my runs were outside this week, so I didn't even get to refresh the feeling in the Vibrams.  (I am going to make sure I get at least one barefoot run in this week...I did miss running barefoot and was even contemplating running outside with the VFFs on, but then I chickened out...way too cold to even try.)

I just checked my schedule for next week, and I have a swim test on Thursday.  I'm super excited about that because it means I get to start laying down numbers that I can improve upon.  Coach Mary also has me doing some drills on the bike which is great for me.  I really think I have a lot more potential on the bike, and this is the way to access it!

So, I read a few days ago that pro triathletes typically gain about 10 pounds during the off-season.  When I read that I felt so great because finally there is an area of my life where I can match the pros!! No, really, maybe it wasn't quite 10 pounds, but enough is enough!!  Tomorrow I am back to my nutrition challenge with a couple of changes.  Here are the guidelines if you want to join me:
  • 1 point for 4 veggies
  • 1 point for 3 fruits
  • 1 point for 80 oz. of water
  • 1 point for not splurging/overeating
This means you can earn up to 28 points during the week.  I'm shooting for 25.  If I can get 25 or more 4 weeks in a row, I will reward myself with something that isn't food.  I don't really need much in the way of training stuff  these days, so I'm not sure what my reward will be yet.  I've been exploring the world of raw food the past few weeks, and I'm thinking I might like to have a food dehydrator.  Maybe that will be my reward.  I'll keep you posted on that.

I'm going to restrict weighing myself for one more week because I just don't want to get too freaked out.  I know where I should be, and I think a week without sugar will get me to my comfortable weight...hopefully.

Thanks for reading....have a great week and happy training!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christmas Report

This is a picture of the boys on Christmas you think they were a little excited?  All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas weekend, I'll call it.  We woke up early, of course, on Christmas morning to see what Santa had left and open all of the presents.  Ryan and Noah got so many things...we are truly blessed.

Santa left lots of fun things to play with in the snow.  Then the snow started to melt!! 
Oh, well, I'm sure there will be more!

Ryan could not stop smiling.

One of Noah's favorite gifts was a superhero costume.  Yesterday afternoon he came up to me and asked me,
"Do you want to give this superhero a snuggle?"
Maybe his superpower is super cuteness--powerful enough to twist supertrimommy's arm and get his way in just about everything!

Kel totally came through, as he always does, with amazing gifts that I didn't even know I wanted (and some that I did!)  Our big gift this year was something we can actually least for a while.  It was a new-to-us set of race wheels!  We are not racing at the same time until September, so it should work out until then.  I'm not sure what we will do for Syracuse 70.3.

So, as if she couldn't get any more beautiful, check out Buttercup with her new Mavic race wheels...

Seriously, could she be any more sexy??

How 'bout a closer look...

So now I really have to hold up my end of the deal and ride her like the wind!!

Coach Mary gave me the day off yesterday, but today I was outside for a 30 minute run, followed by 40 minutes on the trainer (I would have done it the other way and made it a brick, but I wanted to get out while it wasn't raining.)  My run is feeling really nice.  I focused on leaning forward from my ankles for the last half of the run, and I could really feel a difference.  I felt almost effortlessly faster, and my splits prove it.

Lap  Time       Average HR
1      09m 56s     176

2      09m 46s     167 

3      09m 31s     170 

4      01m 06s 09m 25s /mile 173

My heart rate did creep up during the last mile and change, but that is something I am still working on.  It's hard to keep the cadence up and concentrate on form without the creep.

My trainer ride was good.  I've been trying to keep my cadence higher than 90, and today I missed it by 3.  Definitely a work in progress.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas.  As much as I enjoyed it, I am looking forward to getting back to "normal." 

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love this!!

I came across this after I clicked a link one of my FB friends posted.  If this doesn't make you smile, there is something wrong with you.  (Either that, or you can't stand The Sound of Music.)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


  • I think one of my favorite things about Christmas is cutting down a tree.  I just love it.  We wait until there is snow on the ground, then take a pull sled for the boys.  We hunt for the perfect tree, which we usually find in the first 5 minutes, then hunt for another 30 because you just have to be sure, before going back to what was probably the first tree.  Kel cuts it down in his manly way, and we all yell timber before we drag it back to the guys who will tie it up for us.  The kids' cheeks are all rosy by the end.  It is really one of my favorite things.

  • Another one of my favorite things (and, no, this post won't be all favorites) is my Garmin 405.  My Dad and stepmom gave it to me last year for Christmas, and I think it might be one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten, maybe with the exception of Ruby, my KitchenAid mixer, also given to me by my Dad and stepmom (thanks daddy and R.!!).  I just changed the battery in the heart rate monitor strap because it has been acting up lately.  It seemed to do the trick.
  • The other day someone at the gym recognized Kel, my husband, from my blog.  How weird is that?

  • My friend, M., let me borrow her Vita-Mix blender for a few weeks (hmmm...are you catching on to the fact that I might have a small obsession with kitchen appliances?).  Today I made some pecan butter and some clementine juice. (M., a sample of the pecan butter is coming your way as thanks!) This is a blender like you have never seen before.  I have a blender, but have been wanting something with more power.  Well, I think the Vita-Mix might just be powered by something close to a jet engine.  That thing obliterates whatever is in there in less then 30 seconds!  It is amazing.  Too bad the price tag reflects that.  If anyone would like to sponsor trimommy's appliance addiction with a Vita-Mix, please shoot me an email! :)

  • My Team Trakkers teammate, Sonja Wieck, has a great blog called GoSonja, that has been nominated as one of the top 10 endurance blogs of 2009.  I love reading about her amazing ultra is a total inspiration, and she is also a mommy!  Check out her blog, and if you like it, send some love her way by voting for her blog here.

  • I just finished the Twilight series today.  I had been avoiding reading these for the obvious reasons, but then I found a copy of the first one on sale at Marshall's for like $6, so I couldn't resist.  That was right before Thanksgiving...I was sad to finish the last one today.  I want more!

  • I had just a so-so ride on the trainer today.  I was supposed to do 40 minutes at a conversational pace keeping my cadence above 90.  I did get 40 minutes in, but my cadence averaged at 87. About halfway through the ride, I was really wondering why I wasn't hitting this fairly easy workout right on.  I even got off the bike to pump up my back tire, thinking that might have something to do with it. (Of course, that took about 5 minuteslonger than it should have, because of my innate inability to do anything handy.) I think there could be a couple of reasons for my lackluster performance.  I was riding around 2:45 p.m., which is a low time of day for me.  I really prefer to work out in the morning.  Another possible reason...cookies.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sunday Report

It was a good training week.  I absolutely loved all of my workouts because I felt like I had something to work on besides just pounding out the miles and minutes.  I hit the weights twice this week and am still sore.  My run form is definitely improving, and I'm using my VFF's for all indoor runs.  This week I did 6 miles in the VFF's, and the rest outside.  My cadence during my outdoor run today was consistently at 23/15sec, which is almost to where I want to be.  Here are the numbers:

Swim:  1h 32m 4050 yds
Bike:  1h 57m 45s 34.41 mi
Run:  1h 31m 51s 9.36 mi
Strength:  1h

Total:  6h 1m 35s

What has not been good this week is my nutrition.  I have been pretty much surviving on sugar.  Vegetables?  What are vegetables?  Fruit?  Do the dried cranberries in the holiday chex mix I ate with a spoon for breakfast count?  Ugghh...I have a love/hate relationship with confessions, that's for sure.

Here is my nutrition goal for the week:  eat better than last week, but don't get down on myself for indulging and, under no circumstances, weigh myself.  Even I should be able to do that!

Have a great week, and happy training!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Iron Dreams

I have been really stressed out with all of the holiday stuff.  I have been forgetting important meetings, and I definitely have been staying up too late and not sleeping well.  Whenever I have stressful times in my life, I have stressful dreams, usually involving forgetting something very important or showing up to something completely unprepared or running very, very late.  The dreams usually feature either me in college or me doing music-related.

Last night was no different, although this time I was racing an ironman.  When I joined the dream, I was about halfway through the bike and feeling really great.  I finished and got off the bike, then proceeded to do all sorts of crazy things during my transition time.  I set up a play date for Ryan, I had some dinner with my mom, I searched out a public restroom to take a potty break, I eavesdropped on some old women talking about making shirts, and all this while wearing my racing clothes!  The whole time I was completely panicked because the minutes of my transition just kept ticking away.  I kept saying, "Oh no, my T2 time is up to an hour already....I really need to go!"  Then I finally started heading back to the transition area, but I had to take this really long path, and I started to worry I wouldn't be able to finish.

I finally was able to force myself to wake up...I just wanted the dream to end. 

I wonder if I finished??

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The First Days

Sorry my blog has been so quiet this week.  I have been crazed trying to get all the Christmas stuff done.  I'm getting closer each hour, but something had to give, and, unfortunately, it was trimommylife!!

Anyway, despite being a crazy busy week, it has also been an exciting week because I started with my new coach on Monday.  Her name is Mary Eggers at Train-This Multisport Coaching, and she came to me via my blog, believe it or not!  I know a triathlete in Syracuse who trains under her, so when I found out she had a blog way back in July or so, I started following her and commenting every now and then. Well, you know how the bloggy world is very small, so she started commenting every now and then on my blog as well.  Then I wrote this post about how I had lost my training rhythm, and she left a comment about how she might be able to help.

Well, help she did!  Mary offered to take me on this season as a scholarship athlete!  I was floored by her generous offer, and now, I can only hope to make it worth it for her!!  Besides the fact that she is a coach, she is also a phenomenal triathlete in her own right.  She is always working to get better herself, and that is one of the things that really attracted me to her.  She works hard and practices what she preaches!!  Her philosophy of running is also very closely matched to my (developing) philosophy, and she strongly encourages the POSE method and barefoot running!  We are really like a match made in heaven, if I do say so myself.

Being coached really changes things for me.  The biggest change is that I do not have to work so hard at figuring out what I should be doing...Mary does that for me now!  Now, my job is to listen and trust her, and push myself to new levels!  It is also a little scary, because I think now I have no excuses.  I really believe that she can help me find my potential, and that is so exciting, but scary...what if it hurts...what if I'm not as good as I think I am....what if I'm better than I think I am...what if...what if...

For now, I will not worry about the what ifs, I will just put my head down and get the work done.  I'm already seeing a difference in my running since I started barefoot running, and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes that will come in my cycle since the new bike fit. 

As for this week, Mary is keeping me pretty light, BUT I actually did some strength yesterday for the first time in a very long time.  Quite a few people asked me what I was doing in there, and today, oh today, I am paying for that layoff.  I am quite sore just about everywhere.  It's all good though...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Grown Up

After my freezing pseudo-run on Friday morning, I spent the rest of the morning running to and from Ryan's school, the doctor, the pharmacy, the babysitter's, then, finally, onward to Gramma's house.  As it turns out, Ryan has bronchitis, yeah...and I just don't really want to go into that.  He will be fine, but, in short, I feel like a less-than-stellar mommy.

Anyway, I dropped the boys at Gramma's house where Kel met me, and we went down to Ithaca to meet Nick at Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company for a F.I.S.T. bike fit.  Nick is offering FREE bike fits through the end of the year to get some exposure for the store.  When I first found out about them, I sent him an email and asked, "What's the catch?"  This type of bike fit usually runs around $175-200, and it seemed too good to be true.  He said there was no catch, he just wanted to get the store's name out there, so I said, "Sign us up!"

The shop is right on the Ithaca Commons, a charming little road that is closed to traffic.  The store is very cool, with an urban feel.  The lighting is quite low, which I kind of liked, but Nick said they are getting some brighter lights in so they can showcase more of the gear.  All of the shelving is on wheels that they move against the walls, so they can offer early morning trainer classes and even some P90X classes.  Check out their board of upcoming events.

They also have an amazing selection of nutrition products, as well as just about everything you would need for triathlons, like race belts, shoes, clothing, swim gear, watches, and the list goes on. 

They don't actually sell bikes there, per se, but they work without about 4 area bike shops to get people fit and on the perfect bike.  Here was one that caught my eye, and since Kestrel is a sponsor of Team Trakkers now, it could just very well happen in my future!!  I also spotted a beautiful Cloudveil hoodie that I really want!!  Maybe I'll raid Ryan's piggy bank!!

Anyway, the reason we came was to get our bike fits, not to drool over all the fun stuff.  I went first, and I had a feeling that I might be investing in a new saddle.  I've been using the saddle from my old road bike because the one that came with Buttercup was not the one for me.  Even using my old saddle, though, I was still having a hard time getting comfortable on the saddle and tend to wiggle a lot.  Nick did a great job of explaining how I should actually be sitting on the saddle while I was in aero, something which I have definitely been doing wrong.  He said I should be leaning forward and supporting my weight on my pubic bones, not the soft tissue.  We tried three different saddles, and the moment I sat on this one, I knew it was the one for me.  It is the John Cobb V-Flow Max.  Nick said that when John Cobb was developing this saddle, he would have women sit on them naked (giving them privacy, of course), so he could pinpoint exactly where the cut-out should be.

Anyway, once the saddle decision was made, Nick started watching and measuring and adjusting.  I felt like I was at the eye doctors..."which is better, A or B..."  It was tricky, because I really wanted to get it just right, and be consistent with what felt good.  He talked to me a lot about good pedalling technique and how I should be "lying" in my aero bars.

Here is the before pic.

Nick measuring angles.

He spent a lot of time just watching me ride and doing incremental tweaks, first of the saddle height, than the fore and aft, then the height of the handle bars, and finally the position of the aero bars..

And here she is...all grown up.  I have always thought Buttercup was quite pretty, but now she looks
sexy and fast!!  Don't you think?  Every time I walk by her, I just have to stop and admire her.

Kel also got fit, but he was happy with his saddle to begin with, so didn't get a new one.

All in all, Nick spent about two hours with each of us, and it was a great time.  Nick is a fantastic triathlete in his own right, and just finished up a great season with several wins, including the Mighty Man half, which was just his second half-iron.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend making your way down to Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company in Ithaca.  Have some dinner and enjoy Ithaca while you are at won't regret it!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


You might remember how I chickened out on my run the other day when the weather was bad.  Well, yesterday I decided to redeem my not hard-core self and go run in the cold.  It was 16 degrees and windy when I left.  I was dressed to run in the cold, but, wow, it was cold.

As I started out, my first thought was, "Man, I am so hard core!"  After about 1 mile, my thought was "I am totally crazy...why am I doing this?  It is so cold out here!"  I could not feel my toes at all, and despite my work, I was not warming up.  As I took the early turn to head home, I tried not feel too badly.  Finally, after about 1.5 miles, I started warming up a little...of course, by that time I was almost home.

I ended up with just 2 miles, and, believe me when I say, it was not pretty.  It might go down as 2 of my worst miles ever.  But maybe, just maybe, I have upgraded to almost, but not quite, hard core.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


  • You may have noticed that I have not posted any food-related things since my excellent day of eating on Monday.  That may or may not be because of the bag of Brach's Christmas Nougat candies that found their way into my cart at Target the other day.

  • Ryan decided yesterday morning he wanted to wear a tie.  Of course, it took him about 10 minutes of describing it and calling it a tag before I realized what he was talking about.  Here he is dressed for school this morning.  What do you think:  cute preppy kid or nerd-in-the-making?

  • This morning I opened the dishwasher that I was expecting to have clean dishes in only to find them still dirty because Kel did not start it last night. (He does the dinner dishes, since I every good husband should.)  I asked him why he didn't start it, and he said there was still plenty of room.  There was no room, in my opinion, unless you treat the full dishwasher like a big puzzle and spend 5 minutes moving things around so you can stuff more stuff in it.  Let me tell you something...the minds of men and women do not work in the same ways.

  • I am really taking my "off-season" seriously. I have been eating pretty much anything I want (although I am still getting in my fruits and veggies), and I haven't worked out since Monday!!  Monday, I tell you!!!  Crazy!!

  • Speaking of Monday and will end on Monday.  I got opened my trainingpeaks account last night for the first time and saw my workouts for next week....from my coach!!  (I know, I know, I haven't given the all the details yet, but I really want to devote a whole post to it, and, well, just haven't gotten around to it yet.)

  • I am sitting in front of the fire right now while the boys play outside in the snow.  I love snow...and the fireplace...and snowpants.  (I know that may seem random, but growing up in the south snowpants are not something you have as a matter of course.  When the boys were babies, I was obsessed with little snowsuits.  They are just so cute.  It's probably a really good thing I never had a girl.  We would be broke because of the closet of snowsuits she would have.)

  • I just finished my last day of teaching until January 25,  2010!!!  I love being a teacher!!  Of course, I don't make any money during those weeks, but let's just not think about that.  It's not like I make a lot to begin with.

  • Tomorrow, Kel and I are going down to Ithaca to get bike fits at Finger Lakes Running Company. I'm super excited to check out the shop, and see what they've got there, and it will be nice to do something like this with Kel.  I also really need a bike fit badly.  I've had Buttercup almost a year, and I'm sure things have changed in my body since I've gotten her and spent more time in aero position, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  I'm going to try really hard to remember to bring my camera, so I can document the process.

  • Is there a limit to how many times I should let my kids watch Polar Express during the month of December?  I'm leaning towards no more than once per day...please don't judge me.

  • I won an REI giftcard (is that 2 words or 1?) as the winner of the Fall No-Sugar Challenge.  I've visited every day since I got it, and cannot decide what to get.  I'm leaning towards the Brooks Night Life Podium Half-Zip (could it have a longer name), but am wondering if I will love or hate how bright it is.  I know I love that it has thumb holes...that's pretty much my requirement for any running fleece that I buy from here on out.  What do you think?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Am Not Hard-Core

This morning I had planned to go for a 5 mile run after I dropped Noah at the babysitter's and before I went to work.  Well, at 5:05 a.m. I thought I heard rain, and I asked Kel if it was raining.  He said it wasn't rain, it was snow.

Now, first let me say, I believe in running in snow!  Last year I bought some Yaktrax so I would have no excuses, but when I looked out the window and saw the windy, snowy landscape, I put my bike shorts on.

Then as I was walking Ryan to the bus stop, the sky offered up some freezing rain, so I didn't even feel guilty about forgoing the run.

Then I got home and thought to myself how nice it would be to finish my coffee in front of the fireplace while catching up on some blog reading.

It is now 9:30 a.m., and I must get ready for work.  The bike ride did not happen, so I will be communing with my friend the trainer at 8 p.m. instead...and I will say to myself, "I hope that coffee in front of the fire was worth it!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rev3 - No Excuses!!

Rev3 has a great series lined up for the 2010 season.  You can pick from three different locations and three different distances.  If you decide to go all out, you can compete in the OlympicRev in Knoxville, the HalfRev at Quassy (this is where I'll be!), and the FullRev at Cedar Point,  and earn series points for some serious prizes!!  If you are an age group winner at Knoxville, you get free entries to the HalfRev at Quassy and the FullRev at Cedar Point!!

To my lovely blog readers I offer you a discount to any 2010 Rev3 race.  You can use this code to get $10 off your registration:


Here are the links...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Today's Eats

So after two weeks of not-so-great eating, I decided to be accountable to the bloggy world for what I put in my mouth this week.  Lucky readers, that means you!  (I hope you don't mind.)

Breakfast was Yerba Mate with a drop of agave nectar, a clementine, and oats with pumpkin butter and peanut butter eaten out of the pb jar (my new favorite way to eat breakfast.) Since I was veggie-less, I decided to add a scoop of Amazing Grass mixed in cold water, but forgot to take a picture until I was almost done.

I headed to the gym and taught, literally, what I think might be my toughest spin class ever today. I think I should make a note of it. After the sweatfest in the cycle room, I split an Odwalla Bar and a banana with Noah.

For lunch I heated up some leftover Cheddar Sausage Potato soup.  I love this soup, but I don't make it very often because it has kielbasa sausage in it.  I did use turkey sausage, and it was loaded up with carrots, corn, celery, and onions....and cheddar!!

I was waiting for a phone call from my coach, and decided that I was very cold and needed a skim latte.  So I made myself one!

I had a great conversation with my coach, did some work on the computer, and then taught a lesson.  On the way to the bus stop to pick up Ryan, I munched on some dried tomatoes.

I decided around 5 that I was still a little hungry, so I ate half a PB&J Larabar while I did some stuff for my coach.  Man, I love those things!

I made an amazing dinner, if I do say so myself, of coconut crusted mahi-mahi with mango puree and roasted asparagus.  YUMMY!!  Even Kel, who is not really a fish fan liked it!

I'm off to swim, and before my swim I'll eat the other half of that Larabar, and will follow up my swim with a chocolate milk, per my coach's instructions.

Oh right, and my big news...I have a coach!!  Details will follow soon!!  Have a great night!

Trimommy Review: The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD

A few weeks ago, Kevin Koskella, the triswimcoach, sent me a copy of his DVD, The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD, to review.

Yesterday I sat down to watch it, and here are my thoughts.

The content of the DVD is fantastic, especially for beginner and even intermediate swimmers.  He does a great job of explaining many beginning swim drills and showing them from many different angles, so you really have a good understanding of what the drill is.  After Kevin explains and demonstrates each drill, he says what the drill is good for.  This may seem like not a big deal, but I can't even tell you how long I've been doing the fist drill without really knowing what it is for!

He goes through several balance and body position drills that are especially useful for beginner swimmers, and then quite a few more drills that we should all be using on a regular basis to perfect and maintain good swimming form.

There is also a nice little section on open water swimming, including the start and finish of a triathlon.

All-in-all, I thought the video was excellent.  The drills were clear and concise, although there were a few that I definitely would not be able to do without getting seasick! The set up of the video was nice, but a little too much like a power point presentation.  The videos of the swimming are excellent and are really what brings the most value to the DVD, in my opinion.  I think many of us have no idea what good swimming actually looks like!

One of the funniest parts of the video, although unintentional, is when Kevin recommends getting in a good 20 minute swim warm-up before the beginning of a race.  Kel and I just looked at each other and laughed.  I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes, and usually it's just getting in the water to warm up the wetsuit, so to speak!!

If you are a beginner or intermediate swimmer interested in learning how to make your swim better, I highly recommend this video.  Of course, just watching won't make you any faster!!

To purchase a copy of the Essential Triathlon Swimmming DVD, click here.

For more information and free stuff from Tri Swim Coach, click here.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Sunday Report

Ahh...after this morning's run, I feel incredible.  My body has definitely been missing those run endorphins, and running on a treadmill for 30 minutes just doesn't cut it!!

Here are the numbers this week:

Swim: 1700.00 Yd 35m
Bike: 9.75 Mi 2h 27m 25s
Run: 11.41 Mi 1h 54m 35s
Foam-Rollering:  quite a bit

Total:  4h 57m and quite a bit of foam-rollering (which I've decided is my new favorite word)

Well, the run this morning was comment on the's my off-season, right?

And that brings us to nutrition:

Nutrition 15 points

Not's the off-season, right?  (I'm just wondering when the off-season begins to be an excuse!!)

I've got some big news coming, and check out the posts coming up this week for a review of The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD from

Happy Training!!

A Perfect Morning

This morning was a perfect morning.  It started off with a hop out of bed at 6:10 a.m., because I was headed out on my first long-ish run since August!!  Some running buddies were meeting at my house for 6 miles.

I threw on my cold-weather gear, downed a mint chocolate Gu and some water, and was in the garage meeting my crazy friends by 6:22!

It was about 30 degrees with just a dusting of snow on the ground and a few flurries in the air...finally!! (I live in snow country, and we haven't had any snow yet!!  I've been hearing from my Southern friends about the snow, and I was starting to get jealous!)  I was a little nervous, since I haven't run more than 3.5 miles since I started back running.

Once everyone arrived (I bet my neighbors were wondering who was having a party at 6:30 a.m.), the six of us took off in the still dark morning. 

Let me just say, that I do not know how I have been surviving without these early morning outdoor runs. I have so missed them.  I loved the company today, but I love them by myself too.  I have definitely been in a bit of a funk lately, and this is the therapy I need.

I took it nice and easy, and my legs felt great.  I didn't run in my Vibrams because it was definitely too cold, and I don't think I'm ready for miles like this yet, but I kept up my good form throughout the run.  During the last mile, my calves were pretty tight, but I do think they are getting used to me being more on my toes.  I ended up with about 5.8 miles in a little over 58 minutes.  Not super fast, but just right for my first "real" run in a while.

I came in and rolled around on the foam roller, got a nice hot shower, and then had the best breakfast...ever!  I've been reading a lot of food and fitness blogs lately and getting some really great ideas. Today I had 1/3 cup of oats cooked in 1/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup skim milk.  I threw in a spoonful of pumpkin butter and a spoonful of this amazing nut butter called Adirondack Jack from the Saratoga Peanut Butter Company. It is half almonds, half peanuts, with cranberries, sunflower seeds, honey, flax seeds and cinnamon....I KNOW!!!!  I picked it up in Lake Placid and this was my last spoonful.  I wanted to savor every bit that I could, so I put the cooked oatmeal into the jar and ate it right out of the jar.  AMAZING!!

Now off to church with the fam!!  Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Month in Numbers

Here are the November numbers.  They are a bit late, because, quite frankly, I'm not too proud of them.  But, numbers are numbers, and I'm trying to tell myself that my little "break" is good for me. 

Will someone keep reminding me of this?  Daily???

Bike: 7h 51m 56s - 54.31 Mi
Run: 4h 26m 58s - 28.19 Mi
Swim: 5h 41m - 15350 Yd

Total:  17h 59m 54s

Friday, December 4, 2009

My First Run in My Vibrams

Today I tested out the VibramFiveFingers at the gym.  First let me say, that I just love the way they feel.  They absolutely mold to my feet, and make me feel invincible!! On Wednesday, I walked to the bus stop in them to see if it would be feasible for me to run in them outside during the winter.  That would be a no.  Even with temperatures in the 30's and no snow or moisture on the ground, my feet would get way too cold.  I have since realized that Vibrams makes some winter suitable ones with neoprene, but I guess for now my barefoot running will be inside.

So I donned my VFF's and hopped on the treadmill.  Up to this point, I've been running about a mile in just socks, and then putting on my running shoes to complete my run.  The first mile felt great--much nicer than running in socks, which can be a bit slippery.  After the first mile, I had to go to the bathroom, so I hopped of the treadmill and ran to the bathroom...and I loved them even more when I was running off the treadmill.  I might have to go out for a short outdoor run with them and just bear the cold.  I finished up the run around 2.5 miles, because I was starting to feel a blister forming on my big toe.  Even with socks, that has been a problem spot, and I just need to toughen up my feet a bit more.

That little red spot has been there since the first day I tried barefoot running.
That is still where the one hot spot is.

I was a little worried about the VFF's because I have a bossy second toe, and I wasn't sure if they would bother my toe, or if that would hinder the good fit.  For the 2.5 miles I ran today, it didn't seem to be a problem.  It will be interesting to see what happens as I get into longer runs with them, which I do plan on doing. 

See how much longer my second toe is than all the rest? 
I blame that toe on my career as a ballerina that never happened!

My form felt great, although my calves still really feel the change in form.  I wonder how long it is going take to get used to that?

I'm headed out for a six mile run with some girlfriends Sunday morning, so even though I won't be in my VFF's, it will be interesting to see how my body reacts to a longer run with my new form.  I'll keep you posted!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vibrams for Trimommy!!

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from work tonight!!  I filled out the order form several weeks ago and faxed it, and I was beginning to think that it had gotten lost or something, so I was so pleased when Kel announced that my "slipper shoes" had come today!!

As you know, I've been doing some barefoot running on the treadmill at the gym.  Well, actually, I wear socks, but I have gotten the evil eye from my good friend, M., who happens to be the supervisor of the fitness room.  Since I am an employee there, I would be lying if I didn't say I've been feeling just a bit guilty, so I can't wait to try my Vibrams there.  They are sure to get some comments.  I'll let you know how it goes!!

As far as the barefoot running goes, I do think that it is helping me, but my form is still not where it should be. I've been looking at pictures and videos of people who actually know what they are doing, and I do not look like that!! Here is a great example--professional triathlete and fellow Team Trakkers member, Bree Wee, just finished 5th in IM Cozumel and here is a picture of what I would like to look like when I am runnning:

The part I need to work on is the front leg (well, I guess the back leg too).  Bree's is bent and pushing off on the forefoot.  I'm now landing on the forefoot, but my leg is almost straight and in front of my body when I land.  Here is a picture from my race on Thanksgiving:

I've been exploring The Pose Method website, and I think I will try to implement some of the suggestions there.  Let me know if you have any tips!!

I'm off to do a little foam-rollering.  Happy training!