Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Sunday Report

Due to an amazingly hectic week of playing (4 concerts, 5 rehearsals, and many hours of practicing), mothering (no explanation needed), and eating extremely well (which takes amazing amounts of mental energy for me still), I am about to report that there will be no Sunday reporting today. Instead I bring you some thoughts.

  • This week was the smallest in amount of training (if I can even call it that) I have had for all of 2009. I am more exhausted than I can imagine. I probably chose a good week to not workout, but it definitely was not a rest week.
  • I think I can sort my everyday life into about 4 or 5 categories. Unfortunately, I cannot be good at all of those categories every day. I think I am okay with this. I had a great week, I accomplished a lot, and I am proud of what I did. I am not going to berate myself because I couldn't do everything.
  • I sat in the doctors office for 45 minutes past my appointment time on Thursday before I actually saw the doctor. In no other profession would this be acceptable, but there was not even an acknowledgement of the fact that 45 minutes of my life had just been wasted in the waiting room of his office. Even at a restaurant they tell you how long the wait is going to be, give you a little pager, and send you on your way. I'm telling you, the medical profession could learn something from Carraba's.
  • In my effort to increase my vitamin D and calcium intake, I have been indulging in a few too many skim lattes. I think a skim latte was part of the reason my wait in the doctor's office seemed to pass by so slowly!!
  • I miss my cycle class.
  • I have not put my kids to bed for since last Wednesday night, and won't get to until this Wednesday night. That is way too long to wait for a night-night snuggle.
  • We are starting up a new women's endurance group at my YMCA. We had our first meeting on Saturday and almost 50 women came out!! I'm so excited!!
  • I think this might be one of the most boring posts ever. I will make more of an effort next time.

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gimme Some D!!

I met last week with the osteoporosis specialist to go over my results from my recent bloodwork and bone density scan (DXA scan). It was very interesting.

The good news is my bones look fine. No deterioration or weakening of the bones at all.

On the other hand, my vitamin D levels were deemed "insufficient." Basically, when your blood levels of vitamin D are checked, a normal range is 30-40 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Mine came in at 22!! Yeah, I know. I'm now playing catch up with a mega-dose of vitamin D once a week for the next three months in addition to the daily recommended amount.

So, let's talk about this a bit. I found a great little article about vitamin D if you would like to read it. The FDA recommendation for daily intake of vitamin D is 200 IU for people under 50, but most doctors think this is way too low, especially if you live in the northern part of the US. Doctors say that 800 - 1000 IU daily is a better goal, especially during fall and winter. Our skin manufactures vitamin D just by being exposed to the sun. And herein lies my problem. Because I have a history of skin cancer, I am a vigilant protector of my skin, and use high SPF sunscreen every time I am outside (as should all of you, but that is another post), so I am missing out on the vitamin D that my skin would normally produce.

Vitamin D is very hard to get through your diet. Milk is supplemented with vitamin D and has about 100 IU per cup. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are also rich in vitamin D, but let's face it, when was the last time you ate some sardines?

So the lesson today, class, is that you need to make sure you are getting around 800-1000 IU of vitamin D daily in supplements and your diet. Vitamin D helps us to absorb calcium which keeps our bones strong. (The FDA recommends 1000-1200 mg of calcium per day through diet and supplements for men and women 50 and below.) It is also thought to be important for our immune systems as well as maintaining a healthy weight...awesome!

For me, it means in addition to a daily supplement and a weekly supplement, I will be watching my calcium and vitamin D intake closely, and if that means I need to have a few more skim lattes every week, I guess that is the painful price I will have to pay!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Excuse Me?

This is a voicemail I got yesterday from one of my flute students:

"Hi, Kelly. This is ____. Ummm, I think I have the swine flu, so I probably won't be at my lesson on Tuesday. Just wanted to let you know."

I saw her on Thursday...

What is the incubation period on H1N1???

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sunday Report

It was a mixed bag this week. Working out was just so-so, but nutrition was excellent!! Here are the numbers:

Bike: 2h 25m 31s 34.74 miles
Swim: 2h 28m 6450 yards
Yoga: 1h

Total: 5h 53m 31s

Nutrition: 19 points!!! I missed one self-control point and one veggie point, not on the same day. I've realized to get in my 4 veggies I almost have to eat a veggie for breakfast.

2 more weeks at 18 points or higher and I get my sweatshirt!!

Happy training!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Motto

Yesterday I did intervals on the trainer, trimommy-style. It went something like this:

  1. Warm up for 15 minutes.
  2. Get off trainer to see why Ryan and Noah were being so good. They were watching a video, but Ryan had turned the volume up to like 60, where it is normally at 12 or 13.
  3. Get back on the trainer, switch to a harder gear and go for about 5 minutes.
  4. Get off the trainer because Noah wants to ride in the gator car and needs his helmet put on.
  5. Get back on the trainer and ride hard for about 10 minutes. Wave at Noah every time he drives by.
  6. Get off the trainer to help Noah with the malfunctioning gator car.
  7. Get back on the trainer and ride hard for about 5 minutes.
  8. Get off the trainer to get Noah out of neighbor's driveway.
  9. Get back on the trainer, this time for at least 15 minutes. Come out of aero to throw the frisbee to Noah every 2 minutes or so, which is a feat unto itself.
  10. Finally call it done.

I think it took me about 90 minutes to ride for 60 minutes. No wonder I am so tired at night!

Anyway, while I was riding, I was listening to a podcast about developing your athletic identity. It was very interesting. The speaker was talking about how many age-groupers don't identify themselves as triathletes despite the fact that they are training and racing like triathletes. He said it was important to see yourself as an athlete.

I thought this was very interesting, and totally agree with it. About a year and half ago, I developed my own motto to use while I was training and racing. I have it at the top of my Beginner Triathlete training log, as well as on my RoadID. Last year during my first Olympic triathlon, I kept saying it to myself over and over. Whenever I am hurting or trying to run faster, or pushing myself, I remind myself of my motto, and the beauty is, I am really starting to believe it.

I am an athlete.

That's mine. Do you have one?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At Least it Ended Well

So, today was not a great day. I had kind of an emotional day yesterday, which normally I would have eaten my way through. I didn't do that, however, and when I woke this morning I still had that cloud over my head. Changing old habits is really hard. I'm not saying that the food would have helped me work it out, but I think that eating would have numbed me enough to make me think I was feeling better.

Last night I did masters swim until 9:30 p.m., stopped at the dairy on the way home to get milk, and then spent about 20 minutes after I got home searching for my ipod, which I didn't find. I was bothered that I couldn't find it, and it was just really bugging me, so needless to say, I did not sleep well. Anyway, I woke up this morning with red, tired eyes, and no desire to get moving, but I had to work in Ithaca today so I managed to get myself going.

The boys both got up early, and, amazingly, we got ready, breakfasts eaten, and lunches made in good time. Then I started looking for my ipod, again, to no avail. Then the boys started playing this game they like to play called "beh-beh." It is basically them running around the house and jumping off furniture all the while screaming "BEH-BEH." I have no idea where they came up with this. I hate this game.

We got shoes on and headed out to the bus stop. Ryan picked up every single gross thing on the road, including something he said "was orange and squishy." Nice. Somehow, Ryan and Noah ended up fighting over a frisbee, and I had to make Ryan stand by himself in an effort to make some peace. Noah now wanted me to to hold him, and he made that known by grabbing onto my cream pants with his now very dirty hands. Of course the bus was 5 very long minutes late, but it finally came around the corner, and I was left with just one whiny child, who cried the whole way home and then proceeded to say to me, "My don't like you anymore. My want Daddy." And of course, since I am a loving, patient mother, I told him, "I don't like you anymore, either. Daddy can have you."

Then we were off to the babysitter's house. Now, all of a sudden, Noah can't get enough of me and is clinging, with his still dirty hands, onto my leg and crying. I peeled him off and practically sprinted out the door. Off to the car to face my 1.5 hour drive, which I usually love, without my beloved ipod. If I had had more time I would have gone back home to look again.

I called Kel, just hoping that maybe he could comfort me a bit with some loving words. Yep...out of luck there too. Maybe one day my man will learn that every now and then I would like to be pampered. Today was not that day.

Fortunately, once I began teaching the day began to get better. I really love my job, and once I am in it I just flow through the day. Today, I was even looking forward to an hour in the pool during my lunch break. I got to the pool, took my pants off, and reached into my bag...and there was no swimsuit there. Pants back on, back to my studio to practice for an hour instead. I need the practice, so that was good, but I would have much rather swum (swam?).

Finally, around 3:30 the day starting getting better. Kel called me to say he found my ipod in his car. I had left it there on Sunday, and totally forgot about it. I cannot even tell you how relieved I was. Until today I didn't realize how much I loved that thing! He also suggested meeting at Moe's for dinner.

Then I taught my Yoga for Flutists class with some new elements, and it went really well. Nothing like a little yoga to clear the mind.

I headed back to Syracuse, and made it to Moe's before the boys. They walked in just as our order was getting finished up, and tonight was kids' night, so they ate free and there was a balloon guy there too!! Fantastic!! (For those of you with curious minds, I ate very well. I didn't eat one single chip and not even a shred of amazing feat.)

So now I am home, with my feet up and my computer on my lap, thanking God that the day turned out better than it began.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sunday Report

Here are the numbers:

Bike: 1h 11m 46s 14.59 miles
Swim: 3h 18m 9350 yds

Total: 4h 29m 46s

Better than last week. I was able to get in 4 swims which felt really good. For some reason, I don't have much motivation to do anything else, but I'm working on it!

Nutrition was great this week. I got all my points for fruit and veggies, and missed out on just 2 points for willpower, although that was only in overeating, not indulging in sugar or treats.

Nutrition: 20 points!!! 3 more weeks of at least 18 points to get my sweatshirt.

So, for a review, in case any of you would like to join me in my quest for good nutrition, you get 1 point for eating 4 veggies a day, 1 point for eating 3 fruits, and 1 point for not overeating or indulging--the willpower point.

Happy training!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Little Porn and a Lot of Willpower

Let me tell you about what happened at the gym today.

Ryan had an envelope full of what he called "notes" that he wanted to take into the gym childcare today. He said he wanted to "work on them", and generally, if it is just drawing stuff, I have no problem if he takes stuff to do. I just assumed it was papers that he had cut up.

I was in spin class (fortunately, I wasn't teaching) and about 20 minutes in I see one of the childcare workers peeking through the window looking for, who else, of course me. As I walked out of the door, wondering what is wrong now, I see she has something in her hand. She holds it out to me and says, "Ryan had this in the clubroom and was showing other kids, and we took it away from him because we thought it was inappropriate, now he is having a meltdown."

I know you are dying to know what it was, right? It was an advertisement mailer from Victoria's Secret!! You know, the ones with the women in their underwear!! I got one in the mail yesterday, and Kel threw it in the recycling, and Ryan, who helps himself to the recycling on a daily basis, picked it up and made it one of his "notes". He even wrote his name across one of the models.

I was so embarrassed, but , man, that kid cracks me up. It was all very innocent, I'm sure, I will note for the record.

So, unfortunately, the willpower story is way less entertaining, but I just have to share the nutritional prowess that I exhibited this evening at our annual block party.

I make the best brownies ever. Really. I've never tasted a brownie as good as mine, and I'm not just saying that because they are mine. Other people can attest to these amazing brownies. And, no, I will not be giving out my secret recipe. I made a whole pan of them for the block party, and guess how many I had. Go ahead...guess.

ZERO!! How about that for some willpower?? Not only did I make them without even a lick of a spoon, I also cut them up and put them in the container without even eating one single crumb!! Even I'm impressed with myself.

Not only did I keep away from the brownies, I also avoided completely the chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, peanut butter kiss cookies, and s'mores (and I helped Noah and Ryan make s'mores...not even a lick of a finger!) Maybe I deserve that sweatshirt today!!

I really think I am moving to a new realm of healthy eating. Now if I could only figure out a way to get a full workout in without being interrupted by my little pornographer, I would be all set!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Trimommy Faves

So today's Trimommy Fave is not technically triathlon-related, except for the fact that triathlete's have to eat, right?

Wegmans, which is an amazing grocery store chain in the Northeast, is my Trimommy Fave today. For those of you who have never been to Wegmans, all I can say is that I am so sorry. If you are ever in the Northeast, get thee to a Wegmans, the greatest grocery store on earth.

I have always been a Wegmans fan, from the first day (literally) I moved to New York. Every time my mom and sister come to visit me we have to take a trip to Wegmans just for them. Today, however, was a great day because I was able to go to not one, but two different Wegmans, and both trips were leisurely and without children!!!!!!

One of my favorite sections of Wegmans besides the amazing bakery, and the beautiful produce section that features so much local produce you almost feel you are at the farmer's market, is the natural food section called Nature's Marketplace. All of the Wegmans stores close to me have one, but each one is a little different and carry different things. Nature's Marketplace has all things organic, green, and generally good for you, from organic ice cream to organic mayo, green(as in good for the earth) dishwashing detergent to Amazing Grass Super Greenfood (which is my new favorite smoothie additive thanks to Molly), from all-natural beauty products to organic dog food.

So today I could have been found wandering the aisles in the Nature's Marketplace of Wegmans, at a very leisurely pace, reading labels, finding new things and generally enjoying myself. I found a great apple butter that is made with apples and apple cider and absolutely nothing else!! I'm making some pumpkin pancakes tomorrow (low sugar) and think some no-sugar apple butter will be a beautiful topping instead of maple syrup. I just used the last of my gym bag, post-swim lotion, so I found a great-smelling lotion by Burt's Bees called Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly--"A healthy radiance fit for a queen"--yep, that's the stuff for me! I found a new kind of no-stir, all-natural, organic unsweetened peanut butter by Revolution Foods that tastes almost like Peter Pan--I even think I will be able to fool my kids. I picked up a pre-made whole wheat pie shell to make a leek tart for tonight's dinner that was amazing. I could have gotten much more, but I had to draw the line because I had no shopping basket and my hands were more than full.

They also have great customer service. One time I was bothered by the fact that even though I dutifully brought my reusable grocery bags to the checkout, the cashiers would still end up using plastic bags somehow. If they had started to bag in plastic and I said something, they would put the unused plastic bag right into the recycle bin. I sent an email to the customer service address on their web page, and the manager of my store called me to talk about the issue. I'm not sure if it was because of me, but they no longer have bins to put unused bags into at the cash register.

I love Wegmans, and I give them my top Trimommy Fave rating!! Check it out if you have a store near you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five in One

It's Thursday, and I have about 4or 5 posts worth of stuff that should really be in separate posts, but I don't have the time (or energy) to write that many posts, so instead I will do an abbreviated version of each post. Here goes:

Team Trakkers 2010
I love being a member of Team Trakkers, and if you love triathlon you will too. Click this link to find yourself an application to fill out and submit if you are so inclined. You will not regret it.

First Day
Yesterday was Ryan's first day of first grade. He had a great day. All smiles, no tears, lots to say when he came home.

Second Day
Today was Ryan's second day of first grade. Let's just say it was not as good as the first day...

Nutrition Update
I've hardly had to keep track of points because I have been eating SO GOOD!!! No sugar, lots of fruits and veggies, no overeating or splurging...and I'm loving it! Now if I could just get my butt in gear training wise!!

Foot Update
Off to the doctor's tomorrow for my bone scan and my dexascan. Foot feels great, but I am missing running so much. Especially now that school has started, and it's harder for me to get to the gym. For some reason the bike has not been calling my name...I must reintroduce myself to Buttercup. She must have forgotten me.

I feel like there is more up there in my head, but that is all I can come up with. Next time I will make an effort to have a real post!!

Happy training!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sunday Report

I have just been a big lazy bum this week. That's okay though, because starting tomorrow I am starting a swim focused block. I think it will be about 6 weeks long. I'm shooting for 4 or 5 swims per week, with at least one of those being a masters swim session. I am also going to add in a little aqua-jogging, since I'm looking forward to real running in about 3 weeks. I'm hoping the aqua-jogging will preserve whatever run fitness I have left. I also have a goal for at least one yoga session a week.

I really miss having a plan and a goal. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am driven when I have something to shoot for. If I don't, I feel a little bit lost.

Here are the numbers for this week:

Bike: 3h 11s 35.01 mi
(yep, that's it!)

Nutrition: 19.5 points to exceed my goal of 18 points!!

I've decided that if I can meet or exceed my nutrition point goal for 4 weeks (so three more weeks from today), I am going to buy myself a new tri sweatshirt from

So, I'm shooting for 18 points again this week, coupled with my no-sugar challenge. I love having a plan, don't you?

Skinnyman Race/Volunteer Report

This was the view when I arrived at transition Saturday morning at 5:30!!! Yes, even earlier than I would have been there for racing! It was a little chilly, but all of the usual excitement was in the air. This was my first time volunteering at a race, and I am surprised and delighted by the great experience I had.

After the sun came up it looked to be a perfect day for racing. I have to admit that, in between carrying cases of water and chocolate milk, loading up buckets with ice and water, and setting up garbage cans, I was wishing I was racing and realizing that I had made a good call not to.

My partner-in-crime, Jill, and I had a fun time getting set up. We were the official finish line water girls, so once everything was set up we had some time to watch the beginning of the race. Her husband was also racing, and we got a great spot to watch the athletes come out of the water. (The pink volunteer shirts pretty much got you in wherever you wanted to be!)

(Yes, that is a banana in my pocket! The volunteer breakfast was your choice of donuts or muffins, so I snagged some fruit from the race food tent.)

I got a great picture of Kel coming out of the water. His swim was slower than I expected, so I was starting to get worried. By the time I saw him, I'm not sure who was more relieved that he was done, me or him!

Kel is in the silver cap with the big smile.

Since my volunteering duties didn't really start until the first people were finishing, I also got to see Kel come in off the bike. He looked great, and had a great bike time. After the race, he told me he was chatting with someone as he came through the finish! I was like, WHAT!?!?!?! He said he could definitely have run faster, he just wasn't sure why he didn't. That's a hard pill for me to swallow since his run pace was faster than I have ever run in my life!!! Even still, he had a good race, swim aside.

Kel is in the orange jersey, but I realized as I was looking through the pics last night, that I also know the guy in front! I was so focused on Kel, I didn't even notice Tim right in front of me.

Volunteering was awesome. I got to congratulate everyone right at the finish. All of my friends who were racing got a huge hug and big cheers from me as they finished. I cheered pretty loud for the people I didn't know too. In fact, my throat is still a little rough today! A highlight of the day for me was when a woman who had just finished came up to me and said, "Hi, I read your blog, and I have five kids!" I gave her a hug too (nice to meet you, Gera?? In all the hustle and bustle, I can't remember exactly!)

It was very interesting to be at a race, and not be racing. When I went to watch Kel at Green Lakes in June, I had the boys, so I was kind of busy with them and didn't get to watch much of the race. Yesterday, I saw a lot. Here are some thoughts from the day:

  • To win a triathlon seems a little anticlimactic. There were hardly any spectators at the finish when the winner came through. There was no victorious jumping up and down when he won. He just got his bottle of water and walked off. The finish line was much more exciting and emotional when the masses started to come through. Of course, if I ever won a race, there would be excitement like no finish line has ever seen!
  • In watching people get out of the swim, I saw the good and the bad of triathlon. There were several racers who were pushing and yelling to get through the people in front of them. The sad thing was, there was no way they were going to win...they were well behind the front runners. I also saw so many encouraging things. One man slipped on the grass as he entered transition, and another competitor stopped and helped him up. I loved that!
  • I knew one of the men who finished in the top 10 overall. I congratulated him on a great race, and he said he was disappointed. It's interesting that these really great athletes can have a better day than most people would ever dream of but be disappointed, and then the average age-groupers are so excited to just finish.
  • I always get emotional when I see an Ironman finish on tv. I got almost as emotional yesterday watching people finish. What an accomplishment! I am so proud of everyone who raced yesterday!
  • I'm really glad I decided to not race. I'm not sure I could have just walked.
  • I can't wait until my next race.
  • I can't wait until the next time I volunteer at a race. In fact, I think I'm going to try to do it at least once a year. It is inspiring to say the least, and it really makes me appreciate all of the work that goes into putting on a great race.

Thanks for all of your encouraging words as I get through this foot injury! I really appreciate it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rev3 Full Ironman Info Session

Hey, all you midwesterners. For those of you within an hour or two of Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, OH, there will be a info session on the Rev3 Full on Tuesday, September 8, 2009, from 6-8 p.m.. Professional triathlete and Rev3 race director Heather Gollnick will be there to fill everyone in on the details of the inaugural Rev3 FullRev.
Registration opened on September 1, and it's already filling up. If you are on the fence about this race, this will be a good opportunity to find out what it's all about!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Skinnyman Here I Come...Kind Of

Thanks to all of you who offered me sage advice on what to do for Skinnyman tomorrow. Here is my decision...

After much thought and quite a lot of waffling back and forth, I have decided to volunteer instead of race. I was really on the fence up to the last minute. I even sent an email to the volunteer coordinator saying I was going to race the swim and bike and walk the run, then two minutes later I sent him another saying I changed my mind and would volunteer.

When it came right down to it, I just know that I would feel bummed if I turned in my chip, and if I decided to walk, well, I wouldn't have really walked as much as try not to run. I totally miss running so much, and can't bear the thought of going another six weeks without it!!

So, I will be handing out water at the finish line! I'm so excited for this spot, because this means I can watch Kel finish with the best seat in the house (except I'll be standing)!! I can't wait!

I met Kel in Skaneateles yesterday, and we rode the course. I felt very sluggish for the first 5 miles or so, which is most likely due to the fact that, well, I haven't really been doing very much as of late. So that solidified in my mind that I made the right call. I will race next year as a speed workout 2 weeks before IM Syracuse 70.3 in all of it's point-to-point glory!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ironman Syracuse 70.3 2010

Ironman 70.3 is coming to Syracuse on September 19, 2010!! Woo-hoo!!! Now what is the rest of my season going to look like??