Thursday, December 10, 2009


  • You may have noticed that I have not posted any food-related things since my excellent day of eating on Monday.  That may or may not be because of the bag of Brach's Christmas Nougat candies that found their way into my cart at Target the other day.

  • Ryan decided yesterday morning he wanted to wear a tie.  Of course, it took him about 10 minutes of describing it and calling it a tag before I realized what he was talking about.  Here he is dressed for school this morning.  What do you think:  cute preppy kid or nerd-in-the-making?

  • This morning I opened the dishwasher that I was expecting to have clean dishes in only to find them still dirty because Kel did not start it last night. (He does the dinner dishes, since I every good husband should.)  I asked him why he didn't start it, and he said there was still plenty of room.  There was no room, in my opinion, unless you treat the full dishwasher like a big puzzle and spend 5 minutes moving things around so you can stuff more stuff in it.  Let me tell you something...the minds of men and women do not work in the same ways.

  • I am really taking my "off-season" seriously. I have been eating pretty much anything I want (although I am still getting in my fruits and veggies), and I haven't worked out since Monday!!  Monday, I tell you!!!  Crazy!!

  • Speaking of Monday and will end on Monday.  I got opened my trainingpeaks account last night for the first time and saw my workouts for next week....from my coach!!  (I know, I know, I haven't given the all the details yet, but I really want to devote a whole post to it, and, well, just haven't gotten around to it yet.)

  • I am sitting in front of the fire right now while the boys play outside in the snow.  I love snow...and the fireplace...and snowpants.  (I know that may seem random, but growing up in the south snowpants are not something you have as a matter of course.  When the boys were babies, I was obsessed with little snowsuits.  They are just so cute.  It's probably a really good thing I never had a girl.  We would be broke because of the closet of snowsuits she would have.)

  • I just finished my last day of teaching until January 25,  2010!!!  I love being a teacher!!  Of course, I don't make any money during those weeks, but let's just not think about that.  It's not like I make a lot to begin with.

  • Tomorrow, Kel and I are going down to Ithaca to get bike fits at Finger Lakes Running Company. I'm super excited to check out the shop, and see what they've got there, and it will be nice to do something like this with Kel.  I also really need a bike fit badly.  I've had Buttercup almost a year, and I'm sure things have changed in my body since I've gotten her and spent more time in aero position, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  I'm going to try really hard to remember to bring my camera, so I can document the process.

  • Is there a limit to how many times I should let my kids watch Polar Express during the month of December?  I'm leaning towards no more than once per day...please don't judge me.

  • I won an REI giftcard (is that 2 words or 1?) as the winner of the Fall No-Sugar Challenge.  I've visited every day since I got it, and cannot decide what to get.  I'm leaning towards the Brooks Night Life Podium Half-Zip (could it have a longer name), but am wondering if I will love or hate how bright it is.  I know I love that it has thumb holes...that's pretty much my requirement for any running fleece that I buy from here on out.  What do you think?


  1. Thanks for posting the pic of Ryan! He is too funny!!

  2. I like the Brooks Half-zip..was going to get one for myself..also no fitting at Syracuse Bike?!!! LOL! Let me know how it goes. And another this is I LOVE the nougats too!! of course we had a pile of them at work today!!! UGH!! (KM)

  3. ooooo, I like the thumb holes on that fleece, but it does seem a bit bright.

    btw, my kids have been watching Santa Claus is
    Coming to Town every day this week, with no end in sight.

  4. The Polar Express is on non stop in our house too!

  5. I'm a big safety dork so the bright neon yellows are popular with me, especially in the winter! Once I got over the initial "wow i feel dorky", I started wearing my bright neon tops all the time. I save the pink and blue for sunny summer days. But the beauty of REI is you can return it if you don't like it!

  6. Nice, Buttercup looks just like Mistress, but yellow!!

    THe jacket is bright, but anything to help drivers see us is worth it.


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