Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rev3Tri - Check it out!

This is a video of the highlights from the Rev3Tri HalfRev in Quassy  last year.  It's so cool, especially because I was there!  I am not in the video (what were they thinking? ;) ), but, believe me, it was even more exciting in person.  You can read about my race here.

Rev3 Highlight Reel from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

Don't forget that there are olympic, half and full distances being offered in the Rev3Tri series this year in Knoxville, Quassy, and Cedar Point!  Click on this code to register and get $10 off entries to any and all Rev3Tri events:

Come race with me!!!


  1. Awesome video, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. I'm considering the Cedar Point since it's in my state. Just gotta work on my swim time.

  2. My wife wants me to to the Rev3 Half at Cedar Point. Can't do it this year but I'm considering Quassy and CP for 2011.

    My wife has NEVER even shown any knowledge of races even existing before she said I should do CP. That's what is most frightening.....

    Happy New YEar.

  3. Hi Kelly.. I found your blog through Sonja's blog. Love it. I recently moved to CT and will be doing the Rev3 at Quassy... maybe I'll actually meet you and Sonja! :) Love the blog.. keep up the great work!


  4. very cool ! I realy hope to do a Rev3 race sometimes -- have heard great things about them :)


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