Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rev3 - No Excuses!!

Rev3 has a great series lined up for the 2010 season.  You can pick from three different locations and three different distances.  If you decide to go all out, you can compete in the OlympicRev in Knoxville, the HalfRev at Quassy (this is where I'll be!), and the FullRev at Cedar Point,  and earn series points for some serious prizes!!  If you are an age group winner at Knoxville, you get free entries to the HalfRev at Quassy and the FullRev at Cedar Point!!

To my lovely blog readers I offer you a discount to any 2010 Rev3 race.  You can use this code to get $10 off your registration:


Here are the links...


  1. Just wanted to say "hi"! I really enjoyed checking out your blog and reading a bit about you and your adventures. I'm new to Team Trakkers this year and am really excited for all that's to come! I really enjoyed all the great pics on your blog too.. well done!

  2. I will be going the half at Cedar Point


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