Friday, December 18, 2009

Iron Dreams

I have been really stressed out with all of the holiday stuff.  I have been forgetting important meetings, and I definitely have been staying up too late and not sleeping well.  Whenever I have stressful times in my life, I have stressful dreams, usually involving forgetting something very important or showing up to something completely unprepared or running very, very late.  The dreams usually feature either me in college or me doing music-related.

Last night was no different, although this time I was racing an ironman.  When I joined the dream, I was about halfway through the bike and feeling really great.  I finished and got off the bike, then proceeded to do all sorts of crazy things during my transition time.  I set up a play date for Ryan, I had some dinner with my mom, I searched out a public restroom to take a potty break, I eavesdropped on some old women talking about making shirts, and all this while wearing my racing clothes!  The whole time I was completely panicked because the minutes of my transition just kept ticking away.  I kept saying, "Oh no, my T2 time is up to an hour already....I really need to go!"  Then I finally started heading back to the transition area, but I had to take this really long path, and I started to worry I wouldn't be able to finish.

I finally was able to force myself to wake up...I just wanted the dream to end. 

I wonder if I finished??


  1. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! "My T2 time is up to an hour already..." I love it. Glad you woke up!

  2. Kelly, hang in there. This stuff is temporary. Now that you have your training plan and a world-class coach, the rest will fall into place with the hard work and determination that you always put forth in every facet of your life. I have been going to bed late recently as well—so perhaps I am projecting a little bit—but you will things will be a bit easier after the holidaze.



  3. Ha! Too funny. The things we moms do to make it all happen...

    Glad yo find your blog... I'm one of your new Trakkers Teammates. :)

  4. I have dreams of races all of the time. When our son was having open heart surgery in 10/04 I raced 15 races previous to handle the stress. And now when stressed I dream I am racing too. Maybe because in a race we know how to execute..... and thanks for the cutest christmas card ever!

  5. I have similar dreams... they usually invovle me getting lost on the course. WEIRD. ha, my t2 time for IMCOZ was almost an hour ;) (okay, not really, but it was over 10 min ;))

  6. I have had dreams like that! It's been a long time but I know that feeling of dreaming about "running out of time" and yet still stalling. It's harsh.

    I hope things calm down for you and you get to a point where the holiday becomes fun and not stressful!

    Ahh the life of a mom!


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