Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Grown Up

After my freezing pseudo-run on Friday morning, I spent the rest of the morning running to and from Ryan's school, the doctor, the pharmacy, the babysitter's, then, finally, onward to Gramma's house.  As it turns out, Ryan has bronchitis, yeah...and I just don't really want to go into that.  He will be fine, but, in short, I feel like a less-than-stellar mommy.

Anyway, I dropped the boys at Gramma's house where Kel met me, and we went down to Ithaca to meet Nick at Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company for a F.I.S.T. bike fit.  Nick is offering FREE bike fits through the end of the year to get some exposure for the store.  When I first found out about them, I sent him an email and asked, "What's the catch?"  This type of bike fit usually runs around $175-200, and it seemed too good to be true.  He said there was no catch, he just wanted to get the store's name out there, so I said, "Sign us up!"

The shop is right on the Ithaca Commons, a charming little road that is closed to traffic.  The store is very cool, with an urban feel.  The lighting is quite low, which I kind of liked, but Nick said they are getting some brighter lights in so they can showcase more of the gear.  All of the shelving is on wheels that they move against the walls, so they can offer early morning trainer classes and even some P90X classes.  Check out their board of upcoming events.

They also have an amazing selection of nutrition products, as well as just about everything you would need for triathlons, like race belts, shoes, clothing, swim gear, watches, and the list goes on. 

They don't actually sell bikes there, per se, but they work without about 4 area bike shops to get people fit and on the perfect bike.  Here was one that caught my eye, and since Kestrel is a sponsor of Team Trakkers now, it could just very well happen in my future!!  I also spotted a beautiful Cloudveil hoodie that I really want!!  Maybe I'll raid Ryan's piggy bank!!

Anyway, the reason we came was to get our bike fits, not to drool over all the fun stuff.  I went first, and I had a feeling that I might be investing in a new saddle.  I've been using the saddle from my old road bike because the one that came with Buttercup was not the one for me.  Even using my old saddle, though, I was still having a hard time getting comfortable on the saddle and tend to wiggle a lot.  Nick did a great job of explaining how I should actually be sitting on the saddle while I was in aero, something which I have definitely been doing wrong.  He said I should be leaning forward and supporting my weight on my pubic bones, not the soft tissue.  We tried three different saddles, and the moment I sat on this one, I knew it was the one for me.  It is the John Cobb V-Flow Max.  Nick said that when John Cobb was developing this saddle, he would have women sit on them naked (giving them privacy, of course), so he could pinpoint exactly where the cut-out should be.

Anyway, once the saddle decision was made, Nick started watching and measuring and adjusting.  I felt like I was at the eye doctors..."which is better, A or B..."  It was tricky, because I really wanted to get it just right, and be consistent with what felt good.  He talked to me a lot about good pedalling technique and how I should be "lying" in my aero bars.

Here is the before pic.

Nick measuring angles.

He spent a lot of time just watching me ride and doing incremental tweaks, first of the saddle height, than the fore and aft, then the height of the handle bars, and finally the position of the aero bars..

And here she is...all grown up.  I have always thought Buttercup was quite pretty, but now she looks
sexy and fast!!  Don't you think?  Every time I walk by her, I just have to stop and admire her.

Kel also got fit, but he was happy with his saddle to begin with, so didn't get a new one.

All in all, Nick spent about two hours with each of us, and it was a great time.  Nick is a fantastic triathlete in his own right, and just finished up a great season with several wins, including the Mighty Man half, which was just his second half-iron.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend making your way down to Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company in Ithaca.  Have some dinner and enjoy Ithaca while you are at won't regret it!!


  1. Too funny. I did the same thing last night, visited the LBS for a new saddle and some fit tweaks.

    Must be that time of the year.

    Hopefully you like the John Cobb saddle. Everyone I've talked to that has used it seems really happy with it.

  2. enjoy the new fit ! the bike looks hawt

  3. Buttercup does look hawt! Trying not to have bike envy ...

  4. I haven't been to Ithaca in years, I should take a ride down for some shopping...enjoy your new saddle!


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