Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's Munch and Treadmill Ratings at Runreviews.com

Well, today's eating will not be accompanied by pictures because my camera decided not to cooperate this morning.  Maybe that's not a horrible thing, since my pictures of yesterday's food were really not that good.  I am a darn good flutist, but taking pictures is something that I need to work on a bit!


I made a delicious smoothie with 1/2 frozen banana, handful of frozen fruit, two big handfuls of raw spinach, scoop of plain Greek yogurt, and some ground flaxseeds. Two big cups of decaf coffee (french pressed, of course) with cream, and an Ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter rounded out the meal.  (I eat a pretty big breakfast, if you were wondering....I love breakfast!)


We are traveling next week for Thanksgiving, so I'm trying to clean out the fridge.  My lunch definitely reflects this!  Let's see, I had two hard boiled eggs, some carrot sticks with peanut butter, and some (kind of) fresh pineapple.


Today was a super long day in Ithaca, so it was dinner in the car.  I stopped at Wegmans (a trimommy fave), and grabbed some brown rice veggie sushi and a skim latte.  I also threw a bag of Mountain Rise Granola in there, and munched on that maybe a bit too much on the way home.

On days that I work, I don't eat as often throughout the day, the way I like to, but it was all good food, so no worries.  I also did the foam roller tonight when I got home for about 10 painful minutes, and I'm sure my calves and achilles will thank me on my run tomorrow.

In other news, swing over to Treadmill Ratings and check out my guest blog post!!  I wrote a little article called "Eat Like You Train." This is a way cool site that not only has quality, in-depth reviews of many different brands of treadmills, but also great articles on running, and treadmill workouts.  If you are even thinking of buying a treadmill or use one a regular basis, you should check out their reviews and workouts.  They also have a great article on how to buy the best treadmill.

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  1. Great post Kelly. I too, have a link on my site for the treadmill site. I have to admit, its a really great site, so I decided to throw them a back link. Nice Diet. I am new to your blog, but I like it. Also the fact you are a Christian. BTW, Don't you just hate when people call CHRISTMAS - X-Mas? Just a little thought. I love looking up the verses in the Bible that talk about racing, or running the race etc. Sorry for the long comment. Have a great day, and .......Keep Running!


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