Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Sunday Report and The Month in Numbers

Swim: 2200.00 Yd 1h 00m
Bike: 54.12 Mi 5h 04m 08s
Run: 4.05 Mi 39m 32s
Strength/Stretching: 20m

Total:  7h 3m 40s

This was a strange week.  My numbers ended up looking pretty good, none-the-less.  I only got in one swim workout, but I got a lot of time in on the bike.  I had a cold this week, too, which is one of the reasons I didn't feel like getting in the water, but I held my own at Masters swim this morning. I have been averaging around 1:40-1:45 per 100, which is an improvement for me. The running is going well too, but now that I'm starting to go a little "longer", I'm starting to feel the loss of my run fitness.  I'm just going to keep reminding myself that the break was good for me, and I will come back even stronger.  I've still been running barefoot (on the treadmill) for several minutes of each indoor run, which is doing wonders for my stride.  I really feel like it is changing me into a more efficient runner.

Here are the numbers for the month:

Bike: 13h 37m 45s - 118.27 Mi

Run: 1h 47m 30s - 10.43 Mi
Swim: 6h 43m 45s - 17850 Yd
Strength/Stretching: 1h 20m

Total:  22h 9m


Nutrition:  18 points (just barely) for the week

3 out of 4 weeks at 18 points or higher...I'll take it!

Have a great week and happy training!


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