Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Bern Turkey Trot Race Report

We had a great week in NC and did end up racing in the New Bern Turkey Trot 5K.  It was the first time me and Kel have actually raced together, which was totally fun.  My dad came to keep an eye on the boys and watch us race.  It was nice to have him there cheering me on.

There was a guy dressed up like a turkey entertaining all of the kids.  Ryan just went right up to him and started chatting, but Noah was having nothing of the turkey man.

It was a chilly morning for the southerners, but for me and Kel it felt great, and after my short warm-up (which I decided was a must for a 5K), I stripped down to just a run skirt and a tank. I warmed up for just under a mile.  I think for me the warm-up is completely essential.  I still think I run better after a bike ride, which I just cannot figure out, but maybe it has something to do with my physiology or something like that.

Anyway, the race was very well organized and started right on time.  There were about 400 people racing, but not all were in the "competitive division".  Of course, me and Kel were in that division.  I can't even imagine doing a race and not being competitive, but that's just me!!  The horn went off right at 8:00 a.m., and we were off.  My dad got a great picture of us waving at the boys right after the start.

(I promise that we didn't plan to just happened that way. 
I wouldn't be that cute on purpose!)

I haven't run a stand-alone 5K in about 5 years, so I really had no idea of what to expect.  Since I've only been back to running for about 6 weeks since my injury, my hopes weren't super high, but I knew I would beat my last open 5K time easily.  My plan was to take the first mile medium-hard, and increase my intensity from there.  I wanted to push, but still maintain the good form that I have been working on lately, mainly striking with my forefoot and keeping a high cadence.

Well, I didn't stick to my plan.  I ran a little too fast for the first mile and slowed for the next two, but I was able to maintain my form for the whole race, which is good.  I even have proof of my new forefoot strike in one of the pics my dad took.  I think it is the first picture I have ever seen of me running where I actually look like I'm running!!

I am actually off the ground in the picture...and note my front foot...definitely a forefoot strike.

My official time was 26:51, although my Garmin had me at 26:46 for 3.14 miles.  Here are my mile splits:

1 08m 20s 1.00 miles 

2 08m 44s 1.00 miles 

3 08m 35s 1.00 miles

4 01m 07s 0.14 miles 07m 46s /mile

The second mile was tough, and I pushed myself through by chanting "Pumpkin Pie" in my head to the beat of my running. Not too shabby, but I know I can do better because my 5K at Irongirl this summer was 26:19, and that was just a week after Musselman, so my legs were not fresh.  I'm not sure why I feel so much better running at the end of a triathlon than I do just straight.  I think I just like it more!! I was able to pull out 4th in my AG of 30-39, and 101 overall out of the 281 that got timed.  I'm definitely not in the middle, so that is an improvement!

Kel had a great race and finished in 21 minutes flat.  He placed 3rd in his AG, but they only gave out prizes to 1st in each AG, so we didn't stick around.

He makes it look so easy!

My dad and the boys had a great time, and I'm thinking when my dad retires he should take up race photography!!  Here is a great pic of the fam after we finished.

And Ryan, the budding photographer, took one with my Dad in it!


  1. Haha. I love the running mantra! Too funny.

    You do look pretty speedy in that pic too! Nice job. Happy Thanksgiving!


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