Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's hear it for some soon-to-be Iron(wo)men

Since I've been blogging I have made quite a few bloggy triathlon friends out there in the blogland.  Several of them are racing their first Iron distance race this Saturday.  Kendra  is racing in Ironman Florida down in Panama City.  If you want to follow her, she is bib #63. Anne, a fellow Team Trakkers mate and trimommy extraordinaire, is also racing IMFL.  Her bib # is 2316.  And last but not least, another Team Trakkers member,  Carol, is racing Beach to Battleship in North Carolina this Saturday.

I wish all of you the best of luck.  I hope your race day dawns with beautiful skies and perfect temperatures.  I hope your swim is calm.  I hope your bike is smooth, and the wind is behind your back.  I hope all of your gels and drinks do the work they were made to do and nothing else.  I hope your socks stay dry and comfy and the body glide does the trick.  I hope you love every mile of the run, even the dark ones.  It is time to cash in on the account into which you have been depositing all year.  You have what it takes to be an Ironman, and I can't wait to hear about every single detail of your day!!


  1. oh my gosh, you are awesome. Thanks so much for this post. It made me smile, and gave me goosebumps too while reading your well wishes. I feel like I've spent many days tracking people whose blogs I follow (or stumble upon on race day) as they do their ironman races; and I've definitely read tons of race reports of ironman races. And now I'm going to be on of those people doing the race! woohoo!! I met Anne yesterday and am super excited to see some fellow bloggers out on the course. It should be a great day. Thanks again! It's always nice to know someone online will be cheering for us.

  2. Good luck Ironwomen-May the race be swift and the day wonderful.

  3. You made me tear up! Thank you so much!! I can't believe it is really here. Deep breaths ...

    I promise to provide a very detailed race report :) -- thank you for your kind words, support and encouragement!

  4. I'm not an Iron man competitor, but just thought to let you know that I liked your article, as it is inspiring to anyone. Keep it up!


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