Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sunday Report

This was a crazy stressful week for me, that really just ended a few hours ago with a performance that my flute quartet has been working towards since August.  It went really well, and Kel was even able to come to the concert which was great.  We celebrated by bringing home our favorite white pizza from Avicolli's, and between the two of us and a glass of wine, we ate the whole thing...and it was good (God was definitely up to something when he created that line!).  In our defense, it was a medium, so it could have been worse.  Needless to say, I missed my nutrition goal by one point this week, but, hey, you didn't really think I was perfect, did you???

Anyway, here are the numbers (so happy to see some run minutes this week!!):

Swim: 5300.00 Yd 2h 02m 53s
Bike: 22.41 Mi 3h 27m 05s
Run: 2.28 Mi 26m
Strength/Stretching: 20m

Total:  6h 15m 58s

Nutrition:  17 points (all my points lost were from overeating, btw...and still no sugar!!)

I will be drawing the winner of the Whoohagear giveaway tomorrow, so if you haven't gotten your entry in, you can still enter by posting on a comment on the giveaway post.  Last chance!!!

Happy training!


  1. happy monday! nice week and mmmm pizza + wine. loves it.

  2. sounds like some nice alone time for you guys!

    Very happy for you that you're testing the running waters, I'm interested to see how the barefoot thing goes.

    I only made it to 15 points again, I blew it during our visit home to Long Island!

  3. I am so inspired! So.....Sunday was your LONG training day right? OR are those your totals for the week? Yeah, phew-weekly totals. I am excited to say the nutrition challenge is going well and am equally as thrilled that you took a break and TREATED yourselves yesterday! Avicollis is the BEST!

  4. Some success with points-although there was one meal when I could have made it to 18 points-if there was one point per bad thing.
    Keep up the good work.


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