Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rockstar Trimommy!!

So Halloween is a weird day for me.  I am a Christian and grew up in a home where we did not celebrate Halloween.  We always gave out candy (not the good stuff either), but we were not allowed to go trick-or-treating because my parents felt it glorified a day that was about evil.  (They actually called it "Satan's Holiday".)  I always felt left out, and, man, did I want the candy.  The few times I did go out, it was without my parents knowing.  I always thought that when I was a grown-up, I would let my kids participate because, let's face it, the night is really just about the candy, right?

So since my kids have been old enough to wear a costume, they have gone out to collect bucketfulls of sugary treats which, under normal circumstances, would never cross our threshold.  And it's still a mixed bag for me.  On the one hand, I love to see them get dressed up and head out for fun with the neighborhood kids.  On the other hand, I can't stop thinking that I am glorifying a very secular day by letting them head out.

This year, I decided to embrace it despite my conflicted feelings, and even kind of dressed up a rockstar.

(note the spiky hair and dark eye makeup...hey, I haven't had very much practice
with the costume thing!)

My boys looked cute as ever, but Ryan can't seem to make it to very many houses without a bit of a meltdown.  It's happened the last three years. Tonight after he got home, he said to me, "Maybe I just shouldn't go trick-or-treating anymore."  My heart just broke for him.  He tries so hard to be good, but some things are just hard for him.  Despite the early end to trick-or-treating, they still got tons of candy!!

Ryan the Robot

The cutest bee ever!! could he be any cuter?

Even the jack-o-lanterns look cute, despite the fact that the squirrels gave
both of them a little face lift.

I managed to stay away from all the candy treats, by eating practically everything else in my house.  This was a night when I definitely would have been off having a little bit of sugar rather than substituting things that just didn't cut it!  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully the buckets of candy will cease their siren call to me!


  1. Free candy and cute kids trumps worries about satan worshiping every day. :-)

    you have 364 days to plan your next costume.

  2. did Ryan make his costume? I showed his photo to Luke, he thought it was cool!

  3. The robot is great!

    I'm glad you are giving Halloween a try. It's just fun, and fun is good. Alittle more makeup and you are rocking that rock star look!


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