Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nutrition Challenge Recap and Update

I have been rocking out my personal nutrition challenge. I feel great, and despite the fact that my training is way down in volume, I have actually lost 3 pounds!!

Anyway, I keep trying to get people to jump on my bandwagon, and just in case you are new to my blog, or maybe you have been putting off getting healthy and eating right, or maybe you forgot what the challenge is, I am giving the details again. (I'm also working on some sort of giveaway for those who participate, but don't join because of that because nothing is definite yet!)

Kelly's Nutrition Challenge
  • Earn up to three points a day.
  • Earn one point for eating 4 veggies.
  • Earn one point for eating 3 fruits.
  • Earn one point for not overeating or splurging (this includes desserts, junk, and healthy food!)
  • The weekly goal is 18 points, which means you can splurge or not eat fruits and veggies 3 times during the week!!

I am just finishing up my 4th week tomorrow, and I am rewarding myself with a great sweatshirt from I will begin another four weeks on Monday.

Are you with me??


  1. I'm in! Perfect timing, I got a bunch of beautiful veggies at the public market today!

  2. Ask me again in 5 weeks :) ... ok, make that 6 weeks, I need to have a week to totally indulge!

  3. Quick question, does starbucks count as a splurge? If so, not sure if I can be in on this.

    (fyi, met you at the Y Iron Girl meeting. looking forward to training with you)


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