Friday, October 16, 2009

Back in Action

This week has been a great week for training for me.  The most important bit of news is that I ran on Monday (ran 4 minutes, walked 2, repeat) and my foot felt fine.  I felt great while I was running.  I think I was a little worried that my cardio fitness wouldn't be where I am used to, but I didn't have any problems and definitely felt like I could have done more. 

Yesterday I went to see Chuck, physical therapist and owner of Multisports Physical Therapy. My doctor prescribed some PT for me, and I wasn't going to go see anyone, but my friend, Maggie, highly recommended Chuck, and I had heard of him through some tri friends, so I made an appointment.  Chuck is a 4-time Ironman, and a huge supporter of the local triathlon community. 

Chuck really gave my feet a great once-over, and then did some deep tissue massage on my right leg and foot.  He did a great job explaining to me how athletes get soft tissue damage, which is basically what an overuse injury is.  He said that when we work out and stress our muscles they tear.  The muscles begin to repair and "dump" muscle fibers in the location with the tear.  Then the muscles align the muscle fibers so the muscle looks like it did before it was torn.  The problem comes from athletes who stress the muscle, let the muscle begin the repair process, but get out and stress the muscle again before it is done aligning the fibers.  The muscle gets torn again, the repair begins again, and a knot begins to form that can affect the surrounding areas.  The only way to work out these knots is to manually work them out.  Now that I know this, I see the benefit of a regular sports massage.  It just makes sense, and is definitely something I'm considering incorporating into my training.

The good news is, Chuck said everything felt good to go!! I'm headed to the gym now to teach spin and then I'm going to hop on the treadmill for a 5m/2m walk/run times 2!!

In other training news, I have had some great swimming this week!  I think I might even be on the verge of a breakthrough.  I was consistently swimming 100s around 1:42ish on Sunday.  Yesterday I did my fastest 1000 yd. time trial at 18:53 which is 1:53/100 yd.  I did this about 20 seconds faster than my last TT.  I am reluctant to say it is definite, but things are feeling really good!!

Have a great week, and happy training!!


  1. all systems go! woohooo! and wtg on dropping 20 sec of off your swimming TT -- that's a lot of time! (and love that your son asked if your brother "does any tricks" -- stuff like this makes me so excited for children!)

  2. good to hear you are running again! Looks like you made the right call a couple months ago. come june you'll be fresh and ready to go....

  3. Yea Kelly! I went to Chuck for PT also. He is great!!!


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