Friday, September 11, 2009

Trimommy Faves

So today's Trimommy Fave is not technically triathlon-related, except for the fact that triathlete's have to eat, right?

Wegmans, which is an amazing grocery store chain in the Northeast, is my Trimommy Fave today. For those of you who have never been to Wegmans, all I can say is that I am so sorry. If you are ever in the Northeast, get thee to a Wegmans, the greatest grocery store on earth.

I have always been a Wegmans fan, from the first day (literally) I moved to New York. Every time my mom and sister come to visit me we have to take a trip to Wegmans just for them. Today, however, was a great day because I was able to go to not one, but two different Wegmans, and both trips were leisurely and without children!!!!!!

One of my favorite sections of Wegmans besides the amazing bakery, and the beautiful produce section that features so much local produce you almost feel you are at the farmer's market, is the natural food section called Nature's Marketplace. All of the Wegmans stores close to me have one, but each one is a little different and carry different things. Nature's Marketplace has all things organic, green, and generally good for you, from organic ice cream to organic mayo, green(as in good for the earth) dishwashing detergent to Amazing Grass Super Greenfood (which is my new favorite smoothie additive thanks to Molly), from all-natural beauty products to organic dog food.

So today I could have been found wandering the aisles in the Nature's Marketplace of Wegmans, at a very leisurely pace, reading labels, finding new things and generally enjoying myself. I found a great apple butter that is made with apples and apple cider and absolutely nothing else!! I'm making some pumpkin pancakes tomorrow (low sugar) and think some no-sugar apple butter will be a beautiful topping instead of maple syrup. I just used the last of my gym bag, post-swim lotion, so I found a great-smelling lotion by Burt's Bees called Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly--"A healthy radiance fit for a queen"--yep, that's the stuff for me! I found a new kind of no-stir, all-natural, organic unsweetened peanut butter by Revolution Foods that tastes almost like Peter Pan--I even think I will be able to fool my kids. I picked up a pre-made whole wheat pie shell to make a leek tart for tonight's dinner that was amazing. I could have gotten much more, but I had to draw the line because I had no shopping basket and my hands were more than full.

They also have great customer service. One time I was bothered by the fact that even though I dutifully brought my reusable grocery bags to the checkout, the cashiers would still end up using plastic bags somehow. If they had started to bag in plastic and I said something, they would put the unused plastic bag right into the recycle bin. I sent an email to the customer service address on their web page, and the manager of my store called me to talk about the issue. I'm not sure if it was because of me, but they no longer have bins to put unused bags into at the cash register.

I love Wegmans, and I give them my top Trimommy Fave rating!! Check it out if you have a store near you!


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