Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Sunday Report

Due to an amazingly hectic week of playing (4 concerts, 5 rehearsals, and many hours of practicing), mothering (no explanation needed), and eating extremely well (which takes amazing amounts of mental energy for me still), I am about to report that there will be no Sunday reporting today. Instead I bring you some thoughts.

  • This week was the smallest in amount of training (if I can even call it that) I have had for all of 2009. I am more exhausted than I can imagine. I probably chose a good week to not workout, but it definitely was not a rest week.
  • I think I can sort my everyday life into about 4 or 5 categories. Unfortunately, I cannot be good at all of those categories every day. I think I am okay with this. I had a great week, I accomplished a lot, and I am proud of what I did. I am not going to berate myself because I couldn't do everything.
  • I sat in the doctors office for 45 minutes past my appointment time on Thursday before I actually saw the doctor. In no other profession would this be acceptable, but there was not even an acknowledgement of the fact that 45 minutes of my life had just been wasted in the waiting room of his office. Even at a restaurant they tell you how long the wait is going to be, give you a little pager, and send you on your way. I'm telling you, the medical profession could learn something from Carraba's.
  • In my effort to increase my vitamin D and calcium intake, I have been indulging in a few too many skim lattes. I think a skim latte was part of the reason my wait in the doctor's office seemed to pass by so slowly!!
  • I miss my cycle class.
  • I have not put my kids to bed for since last Wednesday night, and won't get to until this Wednesday night. That is way too long to wait for a night-night snuggle.
  • We are starting up a new women's endurance group at my YMCA. We had our first meeting on Saturday and almost 50 women came out!! I'm so excited!!
  • I think this might be one of the most boring posts ever. I will make more of an effort next time.

Have a great week!!


  1. Kelly - my husband had to wait two, yes TWO!!, hours a couple of weeks ago when he took Andrew to the doctor! Totally unacceptable!

    Sounds like you had a tough but productive week!

  2. I HATE waiting at the doctor's office ! Believe it or not, I have a career to get back to and a life to lead.

  3. I almost got up and complained the other day when Eliza had her check up...we were there for a half hour, and people who came in after us went in BEFORE us!


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