Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sunday Report

I have just been a big lazy bum this week. That's okay though, because starting tomorrow I am starting a swim focused block. I think it will be about 6 weeks long. I'm shooting for 4 or 5 swims per week, with at least one of those being a masters swim session. I am also going to add in a little aqua-jogging, since I'm looking forward to real running in about 3 weeks. I'm hoping the aqua-jogging will preserve whatever run fitness I have left. I also have a goal for at least one yoga session a week.

I really miss having a plan and a goal. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am driven when I have something to shoot for. If I don't, I feel a little bit lost.

Here are the numbers for this week:

Bike: 3h 11s 35.01 mi
(yep, that's it!)

Nutrition: 19.5 points to exceed my goal of 18 points!!

I've decided that if I can meet or exceed my nutrition point goal for 4 weeks (so three more weeks from today), I am going to buy myself a new tri sweatshirt from

So, I'm shooting for 18 points again this week, coupled with my no-sugar challenge. I love having a plan, don't you?


  1. I am considering a swim block over the winter to see if I can get any faster in the pool ... let us know if you think the frequency helps.

    Oh, and I too feel lost without a plan and a goal. We should start a club :)

  2. Hey Kelly,
    Your plan sounds great. I love plans too. I'm just not right with out them. Also, I have read of so many marathoners who have improved their times by water running. That is so exciting. I want to be in THE PLAN club.


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