Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At Least it Ended Well

So, today was not a great day. I had kind of an emotional day yesterday, which normally I would have eaten my way through. I didn't do that, however, and when I woke this morning I still had that cloud over my head. Changing old habits is really hard. I'm not saying that the food would have helped me work it out, but I think that eating would have numbed me enough to make me think I was feeling better.

Last night I did masters swim until 9:30 p.m., stopped at the dairy on the way home to get milk, and then spent about 20 minutes after I got home searching for my ipod, which I didn't find. I was bothered that I couldn't find it, and it was just really bugging me, so needless to say, I did not sleep well. Anyway, I woke up this morning with red, tired eyes, and no desire to get moving, but I had to work in Ithaca today so I managed to get myself going.

The boys both got up early, and, amazingly, we got ready, breakfasts eaten, and lunches made in good time. Then I started looking for my ipod, again, to no avail. Then the boys started playing this game they like to play called "beh-beh." It is basically them running around the house and jumping off furniture all the while screaming "BEH-BEH." I have no idea where they came up with this. I hate this game.

We got shoes on and headed out to the bus stop. Ryan picked up every single gross thing on the road, including something he said "was orange and squishy." Nice. Somehow, Ryan and Noah ended up fighting over a frisbee, and I had to make Ryan stand by himself in an effort to make some peace. Noah now wanted me to to hold him, and he made that known by grabbing onto my cream pants with his now very dirty hands. Of course the bus was 5 very long minutes late, but it finally came around the corner, and I was left with just one whiny child, who cried the whole way home and then proceeded to say to me, "My don't like you anymore. My want Daddy." And of course, since I am a loving, patient mother, I told him, "I don't like you anymore, either. Daddy can have you."

Then we were off to the babysitter's house. Now, all of a sudden, Noah can't get enough of me and is clinging, with his still dirty hands, onto my leg and crying. I peeled him off and practically sprinted out the door. Off to the car to face my 1.5 hour drive, which I usually love, without my beloved ipod. If I had had more time I would have gone back home to look again.

I called Kel, just hoping that maybe he could comfort me a bit with some loving words. Yep...out of luck there too. Maybe one day my man will learn that every now and then I would like to be pampered. Today was not that day.

Fortunately, once I began teaching the day began to get better. I really love my job, and once I am in it I just flow through the day. Today, I was even looking forward to an hour in the pool during my lunch break. I got to the pool, took my pants off, and reached into my bag...and there was no swimsuit there. Pants back on, back to my studio to practice for an hour instead. I need the practice, so that was good, but I would have much rather swum (swam?).

Finally, around 3:30 the day starting getting better. Kel called me to say he found my ipod in his car. I had left it there on Sunday, and totally forgot about it. I cannot even tell you how relieved I was. Until today I didn't realize how much I loved that thing! He also suggested meeting at Moe's for dinner.

Then I taught my Yoga for Flutists class with some new elements, and it went really well. Nothing like a little yoga to clear the mind.

I headed back to Syracuse, and made it to Moe's before the boys. They walked in just as our order was getting finished up, and tonight was kids' night, so they ate free and there was a balloon guy there too!! Fantastic!! (For those of you with curious minds, I ate very well. I didn't eat one single chip and not even a shred of cheese...an amazing feat.)

So now I am home, with my feet up and my computer on my lap, thanking God that the day turned out better than it began.


  1. Kelly - this post made me laugh so hard that I was almost in tears. I promise I was not laughing at you ... I can totally relate to the morning you described! We really are kindred spirits!

    So glad that the day ended on such a positive note and I am seriously impressed with your nutrition will power. That is one of my goals for 2010!

  2. "Yoga for Flutists?" Too bad I'm a keyboard player...

  3. I'm really glad your day ended up better, too!

  4. I don't know how the heck you avoided cheese at Moe's...you really are a nutrition rock star.

    BTW, I'm glad you're still liking the AG! It's such a habit now, I'm loving it.


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