Friday, August 28, 2009

Help me decide

I just realized that the title of this post is very commanding. Let me rephrase...please help me decide, if you would be so kind.

I am registered for the Skinnyman sprint tri on 9/5/09. I love this race, and this year will be particularly exciting since Kel is racing too. My doctor as advised me not to run, but said the decision to race this race is really up to me. Here are my thoughts:

1. I'm pretty sure I don't want to run because my foot has been feeling great, and if it starts hurting after the race, then that is 3.5 weeks of no running down the drain.

2. I think it would be hard to just go watch.

3. I think it would be very hard to just do the swim and bike and then turn my chip in.

4. I think it would be hard to walk the entire run, but at least I could cheer everyone on. If I did walk, I would probably be close to last in my AG, but that would be good incentive to bike and swim superfast. Also a bit worried about people thinking I'm a slacker. i.e. will the announcer try to get me to run through the finish chute??? You know how they are. That might be a bit embarassing.

5. This would be the only race this season that I have raced before, and it would be nice to be able to compare to last year.

Anyway, feel free to comment, and then pick your answer in the poll to the left!!

Happy training!


  1. I have been in this situation. Once I swam bike and cheered. Once I swam biked and walked. And let me tell you...... it was the best thing I have ever done.

    I essentially cheered each person on as I walked, and it brought me out of myself and gave some help to others. I will not say that it was easy..... especially when people were passing me and letting me know "Oh my gawd I am beating Mary" but sometimes getting out there and trying to give back is much more rewarding than a poidum.

    It helped ME a lot to do that! Go for it, have fun, and step into that part of yourself, it's hard but it's so good!

  2. Don't let what anyone else thinks hold you back from doing the race and walking the 5K. If you think power walking will potentially hurt your foot, I would just sit it out (better safe than sorry). Good luck!

  3. I think the two posters above have given great advice. Don't let the thought of others bring you down. Each race has a purpose and if your purpose in this race is to help others reach the finish line, then so be it. If that means you walk, great!

    The other option is to volunteer to be a last place finisher. I have seen this at a few races where race directors have selected veteran athletes who aren't going to use this as a "race", to be their last place finisher. You purposely stay with who ever is in last place in order to give them support.

  4. I vote for an aqua-bike and just stop after T2. It will be hard dropping out then, but you'll at least get to push it on the bike and pass a bunch of people that you wouldn't be able to otherwise (since you won't have to save energy for the run).

  5. I had foot pain for 6 months, that's a tough one. I've finished last before in a half-iron race. I'm often alone. If you decide to walk, you'll definitely encourage the athletes around you. As for the announcers, I get you. At that same half iron, the announcer started cheering me on at the turnaround, and I really needed to stop at the porta potty located there, but I felt so on the spot... so I had to hold it & wait. Oh goodness. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Maybe it's Kel's day, and you can cheer him on like he has you in so many races. We could not do the training or the races without our awesome husbands. God has the plan we just have to listen.

  7. hmmmm, this is a tough one, I haven't done a tri yet, so I don't know how to answer. I think you should participate somehow, but still keep up with the foot recovery.

    I already picked out the shirt I'm going to order from Whooha after my next race....


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