Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Beautiful Day to Just Ride

Leading up to my half-ironman, I was very true to my training plan, which meant if someone didn't want to do the same workout with me, I was by myself.

Since my focus is switching more towards running, my swim and bike training have eased up a little, and today I was able to go out for a beautiful ride with seven other women. It was a great ride, and despite the fact that we all had different levels of experience, we all had a great time and got in a great workout.

A few girls met at my house, and we headed over to Skaneateles to ride the Skinnyman sprint course. Skaneateles is a beautiful little village at the northern tip of Skaneateles Lake, one of the glacial Finger Lakes. I especially love Skaneateles because Kel and I got married there. Everyone who went had just done Irongirl, with the exception of one woman who is looking forward to Skinnyman as her first triathlon. Since the Irongirl course was relatively flat and Skinnyman is, well, not, I thought it would be a good idea to lead a ride on the course, since I have ridden it quite a few times.

We were off by 7:15, and we had a lovely ride up and down the hills of the Skinnyman. A few of us even did some of the hills twice, which can never hurt (at least it doesn't hurt the training...there were a couple that hurt while I was riding up them!). We managed to stay pretty much together, and it was definitely nice to ride the course again. I absolutely loved being able to just ride. I should really do that more often, because it reminds me of how much I love being on my bike.

I might try to get out there once more before the race to see how fast I can ride it. I'm looking forward to racing this race on Buttercup. It will be the first race this season that I have done before, which is always nice for comparision purposes.

Here are a couple of photos...I didn't take them because I have not reached the level of blogger that remembers her camera for every event...thanks for your patience!!

Skaneateles Lake

The gorgeous countryside that the bike course took us through.

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  1. So nice to get out with other women and enjoy the of my all time fav things to do! What a beautiful place to get married. Gorgeous! I did the Irongirl 5K today here in denver. What a well run event! Wow!


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