Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working it out

This post is just me working out my bad mood. I'm not absolutely sure why I'm in a bad mood....maybe I'll figure it out.

  1. I have been eating terribly this week. It seems like eating badly and a light training schedule go hand in hand for me...which is exactly opposite what it should be. Today I was really good up until I ate two donuts!! (There is a grocery store near me that I hardly ever go to, but they have the most amazing donuts that I discovered when I was pregnant with Noah. Every now and then I start thinking about those donuts and just can't stop until I have one...or two.) Where is my willpower?
  2. Hmmm...willpower must be out and about with my temper today. I can't seem to find either of them.
  3. My husband, whom I love dearly, always starts cleaning the kitchen and putting things away right when I am getting ready to serve dinner. This drives me crazy. Either he is in my way, or he puts something away that I just got out, or he could be doing something that needs to be done right then, like get the kids milk poured or put out silverware or get the boys up to the table. Just leave it for after dinner.
  4. What bugs me even more is that he knows this drives me crazy, yet he still does it.
  5. I have been spending way too much time on the computer. I should probably do something like clean my house instead. Maybe I would be in a better mood if my house were cleaner.
  6. Sometimes I look at other families and wonder how they can seem so perfect all the time. I feel like we are always just hanging on to the threads of reality at our house. Do other mothers really feel totally in love with their children every hour of the day?
  7. I love So You Think You Can Dance...I've been looking forward to it all day...and feeling incredibly silly that I've been looking forward to it all day.
  8. I'm very tired, so why don't I just go to bed?
  9. I just told Kel I could see his abs (they look really good). He said, "my fat abs" which made me roll my eyes and feel insanely jealous that I can't see my abs YET, and very mad that I ate two donuts today.

So I think it all comes down to eating badly while on the computer in a messy house with crazy kids and a husband that is too fantastic for his own good.

Why was I complaining??


  1. Girl I feel ya on some of this stuff. I dont have kids yet but #6 totally rings true. I love my husband dearly but sometimes he just gets on my nerves (and I on his). Why do others seem to have it so together and look so in love. WOuldn't trade my husband for anything but seriously it is not possible to be perfectly happy 24/7 with each other.

  2. I can totally relate on all accounts! There is no such thing as perfect, at least that is what I tell myself or I would go crazy trying to keep up.

    Confessions: We go to bed at least once a week with dishes in the sink and children who did not take a bath. My little guy makes me crazy because he won't ever eat dinner, but at the end of the day (frustration and all) we laugh as a family (tickle fights, silliness) and everything else melts away.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Do you think you're coming down from two incredible weekends in a row of "Racing High?" I remember learning waaaay back in psych class that our natural reaction to an emotional high, is an emotional low. I think you deserved those two donuts.

  4. I find that I tend to eat bad when I have rest weeks. I figured one of the two had to go, either the rest weeks, or the bad eating....I went for the rest weeks...just KIDDING! I think it's really common to eat bad when you are on a taper week.

    Oh, and um, Troy likes to sit and watch me cook, similar to being in the way, drives me nuts too.

    OOOh and he has a 6 pack despite 2-3 hours a week of exercise, whereas I don't have a 6 pack, and I exercise 22-28 hours a week. I just gave up on that one!

    You are so not alone on this post...but you are bolder than I to post it!


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