Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trakkers at Musselman

The countdown can now be counted in hours, and I would still be able to figure out how many days there are until Musselman. I am feeling nervous, excited, nervous, excited, twingey, excited...

The exciting news is that my sponsor, Trakkers, is going to be running a test of its tracking units at Musselman, so all of you can track me online!! The link to track me is:

The race begins at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. I am in the third wave (yellow cap!), so I will probably be going off around 7:08 or so. To track me, go to the link, click on my name and then click on track athlete. If everything is going as planned with the test, you will see a little dot that will be me!!

Last night I did two loops of the swim at the Jamesville Beach training tri series. It was about 750-800 yards, I think. It was my best open water swim ever. I felt so calm and was able to get into my smooth rhythm immediately. I was even able to draft, which is a first for me. I really feel like I am peaking at the right moment...I hope it all comes together on Sunday!

I am also playing at the Musselman Arts Triathlon tomorrow night. We are doing 60 new pieces in 60 minutes! It has been really nice to have that to sort of take my mind off the race. So I'm off to Geneva tomorrow for the concert, home tomorrow night, off again Saturday afternoon for the athlete meeting and expo, staying on campus Saturday night, then...



  1. I'm excited for you, and will track you! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Good luck-enjoy all of it.


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