Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sunday Report

So, this week has not been the greatest week ever...really not even close. I've been moody, I haven't been sleeping well, my children have gone wild, my husband has been sick, and I have a race in less than 7 days!!

Really, I think all of it is related to that less than 7 days. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm a little bit scared, and I can hardly wait to race!! I just want to see how my training will pay off and how it feels to race for the better part of a day!

Anyway, here are the numbers this week. Most of my run workouts felt terrible this week, and I'm trying really hard to not let that get to me. I think it is all just mental at this point.

Swim: 5700.00 Yd 2h 10m
Bike: 68.32 Mi 5h 05m 11s
Run: 10.49 Mi 1h 40m 50s

Total: 8h 56m 01s


  1. You've got alot on your plate girl- Praying it all comes together and that race day is here before you know it! Christine

  2. Good luck with the half this weekend!!

    I just stopped by to let you know that you were one of the Monkey Shake winners! Send me your mailing address - stevestenzelphotography [at] - and I'll send you some Monkey!!

  3. Stay strong-I have been thinking about you during these days before the race. Good luck this weekend. Enjoy all of it. I am proud of you.

  4. I'm sure it is all mental, it's crazy what your brain can do to you. I really believe in the whole "mind over matter" thing. Go get a mani/pedi and try to relax before the big race!

  5. You are going to rock MM ! (and, as usual, I LOVE your kids' quotes this week!)

  6. You are going to peak just in time for the race and have the best.race.ever!

  7. It's just like a recital. You are ready! And the taper is when you doubt yourself because you are not kicking it everyday. In instrumentalists terms, it is time to stop practicing and trust your preparation. Go Kelly!

  8. Good luck at the muscleman Kelly!!! just remember - "I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength"


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