Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Month in Numbers

Here they are:

Bike: 22h 02m 54s - 266.34 Mi
Run: 14h 09m 42s - 89.89 Mi
Swim: 9h 07m 39s - 24409.71 Yd

Total: 45h 20m 15s

I feel like my bike numbers are a little low, but I think that is just me second guessing myself with the race right around the corner. My bike hours include one hour per week of spinning, so no miles logged there. I also did a three hour trainer ride this month, so my miles are always lower on the trainer than on the road.

Here's to a great July!!

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  1. awesome awesome June, Kelly ! MM is soon ! ... I'm having some trouble w my aero bottle -- the yellow thing popped out - with the straw - on a road and I couldn't go back and get it ... plus, I'm really short and the aero bottle is really crammed in there -- so I can't see the bike computer.


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