Friday, July 31, 2009

A Midsummer's Evening

It rained all day today until around 4:00 when the sky began to clear and the puddles started to dry up. Kel was home, so we checked the radar to confirm all was clear and headed up to Rudy's, an old-fashioned fish stand that sits right on the shore of Lake Ontario. The food is definitely not the best I've ever had, both in the taste and nutrition department, but the boys (all of them) love it because of the rocky beach where there are big smooth stones just waiting to be thrown into the lake that seems like an ocean.

Last time we went, it was windy and cold (in June!), but tonight it was perfect. We begin with some ceremonial rock throwing. Then we have an incredibly healthy dinner. Tonight I ordered some fried zucchini strips in the hopes we would at least have a veggie to no avail. I was the only person who ate them. Ryan said they tasted like burnt rocks, and Kel concurred. Then more rock throwing (really, they could do this for hours) with only one person being hit by an errant throw--thankfully it was Kel, and not some stranger. Then a short walk down the road to Bev's Ice Cream Stand to finish off a summer night the way it should be finished.

Here are my men searching for the perfect stone.
(Kel is a master stone-skipper, but these rocks are kind of big to skip. He usually manages to find a few that are really good. Tonight, he skipped one at least 14 times. Then, later, another man was showing his son how to do it, and Kel had to find just one more to prove his superior stone-skipping skills. I found it to be hilarious.)

Ryan standing proud on a big rock.
I think Ryan and Noah thought they were mountain climbing or something.

Noah contemplating the secrets of the stones.


  1. what lovely photos ... I really love the first one ! you have a beautiful family. <3

  2. Sounds like a fun place! I love doing things like this with my family too ... and you do have a beautiful family!

    I am glad that the "rock" story was helpful to you, I know it helped me put things back in perspective. Too funny, that you went to play rocks with your "rocks"! :)


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