Sunday, July 26, 2009

Congratulations Irongirls!!

Congratulations!! You are triathletes!!

Kristin Mullally, triathlete...can you go any faster on that bike??

Karin Spencer, triathlete, rocked the bike with a 1:03:07.

Kristin Atkinson, before.

Kristin Atkinson, triathlete.

Joan Deyle, triathlete. I want to be like you when I grow up!!

Lisa Mackenzie brought it today to take 18th place overall!!

Marcia Baldwin, triathlete, rocked the bike today with 54:03!!

Jen Corona, triathlete, finished under 2 hours despite a flat tire!!

Theresa Salmone, you are a triathlete!!

Lisa Brancato, triathlete. When's the next one??

Jessica Russ, triathlete, even with a mountain bike!!

Congrats, Lainie Falvo, you are a triathlete!!

Betty STRONG, a strong triathlete you are, my friend.

Liz Keegan, don't you just love being a triathlete!! Next time the bike won't break!

Congrats to all of you who I didn't get a chance to hug and snap your pic!

Rebecca Dederich, triathlete.

Cindy Heck, triathlete.

Debbie LaCelle, triathlete.

Janna Strong, triathlete.

Kristin Johnston, triathlete.

Jessica DesRosiers, triathlete.

Kristine Cervantes, triathlete.

Linsday Sullivan, triathlete (and 17th overall!)

Barb Concolino, triathlete.

Renee Kihne, triathlete.

Roni Daily, triathlete.

Sarah Barbuto, triathlete.

Shelly House, triathlete.

And to all of the women out there today...bravo for stepping out of your comfort zone, for taking your fitness to a new level, for pushing harder than you thought you could, for overcoming fear, for taking time for yourself, for discovering something new....

You are an Irongirl.


  1. Congratulation to all the strong women who have the courage to stand at the starting line at Iron Girl. Rest well.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out the post standard article on the irongirl :)

  3. I nominated you for a "Lovely Blog Award"..swing by my blog to accept it : )

  4. Yea Irongirls!!! You all rock, and hip hip hooray for leading a healthy active lifestyle!

  5. Kelly great pictures. It was so wonderful to cross the finish line and give you a big hug. I wish my family had been able to be there but in their place it was so awesome to have so many Y family members there! Thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement! Betty

  6. Great post. Love the celebration of the finish!


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