Saturday, June 6, 2009

Watch Me Race the Rev3Tri!

Just a quick post from my hotel room before I hit the hay. I had a great day at the race site today with Kel and the kids. I got to do a lot of stuff for Team Trakkers, in addition to meeting the team (and some pros too)--pics will come later. The boys hung out at the park, rode some rides, and got super wet at the "Saturation Station". I got to hang out some too, which was really nice.

Now the me race tomorrow and cheer me on from home. Here's how:

Go to

Find me under Kelly Covert, and select to track me during the race. (You can also follow four other athletes, so don't start comparing me to Bree Wee or Natascha Badmann!!)

My swim wave starts around 7:23 a.m. I will not be biking, but my teammate will have my Trakkers unit on the ride, so it will look like I am. Hopefully, it will look like "I" am going fast!! Then I will attack the run!

You can also check out live coverage of the race on

I will have a full report with pics on my return!!


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