Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Summer Saturday

Summer is finally here in Central New York. I woke up this morning before 6 a.m. with the sun streaming through the windows.

Part of me wanted to stay in bed, but the other part (the part that is doing Musselman in just five weeks) said, "Get your butt in's a beautiful day." I was out the door before 7 (it still takes me way too long to get ready for a ride), and I rode 61.4 miles in 3 hours 32 minutes. It was a great ride, not too hot, sunny and gorgeous. I saw a deer, a pheasant, a couple of other cyclists on tri bikes, but the best part of the ride, by far, was coming home and seeing my average speed at 17.32 mph!! I was keeping track of the miles and hit 56 around 3:08, which I would be very pleased to do in the race.

After a quick smoothie (chocolate peanut butter banana...yum) and a shower, we all headed over to Abbott Farms, just down the road, to pick strawberries! The boys ate so many, I'm surprised they didn't want to weigh them when we checked out! The berries are gorgeous and absolutely delicious.

I love summer in New York.


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