Thursday, June 11, 2009

Salad Days

Today I picked up our first CSA share for the summer. Our farmers are Chris and Amy from Common Thread Community Farm. Our box had french radishes, arugula, mixed baby greens, spinach, a head of romaine lettuce, and a huge head of red leaf lettuce. It is all organic and local!!

This is good news for my diet, which hasn't been as clean since my no-sugar challenge ended. Last summer one of my goals was to eat all of our share--no wasting. This year I will honor the same goal, which means salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anybody have some arugula recipes??

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  1. Sorry. I don't have any arugula recipes, but that's a great goal to have for the summer. I wish our community had a co-op, but I at least try to buy my produce at a farmer's market down the road. It's cheaper and tastes sooooo much better.


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