Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Great Day to Be 35

Today is my 35th birthday...and it was a great day. I have many things to say, so in an effort to be fairly concise (and get to bed by 10 pm) I will give it to you in bullets:

  • Today Kel raced in his first triathlon, and he did great! He was 78th overall out of around 350 or so people (the official race results have not been posted.) It was fun to be a spectator, and the boys had a great time too, making posters for Daddy and cheering him on with a big "Go, Daddy, Go!!" We are officially a family of triathletes now.

  • Ryan asked me today, "How do you say sunset when the sun is coming up?" I loved that.

  • I got so many birthday emails, phone calls, and FB really made me feel loved and remembered.

  • I had an amazing workout today. It was supposed to be a 3.5 hour ride followed by a 20 minute run, but the rain started on the way home for the race...and hasn't stopped. I downloaded a free rental of Spinervals Tough Love--a three hour trainer ride--and went to town. It was a real sweat-fest. I set the trainer up in the garage, and Kel and the boys would periodically come out and visit. At exactly three hours, I put on my running shoes and ran off in the rain...and I was fast!!! I did 2.26 miles in 18:46!!! That is an 8:16 pace!! My second mile was actually 8:07...and I felt great. I guess if I want to PR in a 5K, I need to bring the trainer and ride for 3 hours before the race starts!! Who says 35 is old???

  • I went to buy some birthday ice cream at the local dairy. I wanted mint chocolate chip, but all they had was the fake green kind, which I really don't like very much, so I got vanilla bean instead. The girl at the checkout said to me, "Does this really taste like beans? A lot of people buy it." Sometimes there just aren't words to describe what I am thinking.

  • Why do they always have just men's t-shirts at races? It seems like there are enough women racing these days that they could get a women's shirt for the women. No one would ever expect a man to wear a women's shirt, would they???

That's it for now!! Here's to moving up an age group!!


  1. Happy Birthday Kelly!!! You young thing you!!! Gosh I remember when I turned 35 (like TEN years ago!!) Loved your blog post today - you are very funny! I agree about the t-shirts. That will bug me because I don't like wearing mens t-shirts. Hey- come find me on Facebook- just search for Christine Pannozzo and I should come up. Enjoy the last hour of your birthday girl! Christine

  2. Happy birthday-It sounds like a perfect day that will be the first of a wonderful year.

  3. Happy belated birthday! My name is Kelly and June 20th is my birthday also. Could it be that you are my slightly-older triathlon twin? :)


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