Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will I Be Ready?

Today Kel took the day off, and we went to Geneva to ride the course for the Musselman Half-Ironman. The course is 56 miles, but we actually did 60.1 because of some direction difficulties. My initial plan was to ride the course then do a 15 minute run off the bike when we were done.

Here is how it went down:

It was a beautiful, sunny (and hot) day here today. We got off a little bit later than we wanted, only because we weren't rushing. We pulled into Geneva around 9:45. We unloaded the car, and started to put water bottles on, and I realized I forgot the straw to my aero bottle.

Ughh....for two reasons. This meant that between the two of us we only had 4 water bottles instead of 5, and, even more tragic, I have issues drinking while riding. The aero bottle has been so great for me, because I can drink without slowing down. Oh well, we were off.

At mile .34, Kel dropped his chain. Quick stop for that, and we were off...again. The first 15 miles were tough...straight into the wind, a lot of traffic, and rolling hills.

Finally we turn off of the busy road (96A) around mile 16, and Kel gets a flat!! So we stop again, and after a 15 minute (or so) break, we are off...again.

The next hour was great. We finally had a tailwind and flew. We were definitely averaging over 20 mph for at least 30 minutes, and then we came upon a beautiful view of Caguga Lake accompanied by a wonderfully cool breeze...that turned again into a headwind.

We were on that road for about 5 or 6 miles and when we turned...BOOM...huge hill right at the that's just mean, but at least I know. I will not forget to downshift at the Amish Market. I will not forget to downshift at the Amish Market...

After that hill we kind of slowed down, and it felt like we were in a headwind for the next 20 miles. My butt was hurting, I was thirsty and wishing I had my aero bottle, so I could just drink without fear of falling or dropping a bottle. I was definitely starting to feel it. By this point, I knew the run would not happen, mostly because we were going to be pushing it just to get home in time, but also because I wasn't sure if I would have anything left.

The rest of the ride was okay. There is a very strange part where we were on a trail almost (very roughly paved) in a state park. We couldn't go very fast because we had to dodge the weeds in the road!! The road finally smoothed out once we were out of the park, and then just the last 10 miles, which seemed to take forever.

60.1 miles 3:42:00 (not counting stops for mechanical issues)

I am very worried. I was done at the end of this ride!! Granted, I have had a bit of a cold, so I'm not 100%, but still!! How am I going to run 13.1 miles after that?? I definitely have work to do. I've got to get the bricks going, I need to dial in my nutrition, I need to build my confidence.

One more thing...I got a Garmin sunburn today!! I thought I got everywhere, but...

Remember to wear sunscreen...everywhere!!


  1. Great ride ! and AWESOME Garmin tan - sexy! ;)

  2. You CAN do it. You can do anything.


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