Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You, Team Aquaphor!!

A few months ago, I filled out an application to be a member of the 2009 Team Aquaphor. Several weeks ago, I found out that I was one of 200 age-group athletes to be chosen for the team!!

Yes, me! (I know...I couldn't believe it either!) Here's a little bit about Team Aquaphor.

Team Aquaphor, presented by Aquaphor, is a sponsored athlete program developed and managed by Active Marketing Group, an integrated marketing and consumer promotions agency. A division of The Active Network, Inc., the agency helps sponsors get their brands in front of millions of active consumers across the country through peer-to-peer marketing by amateur endurance athletes. The role of these athletes is to promote their sponsors by wearing branded apparel and using and promoting the sponsors’ products during workouts and competitions. From running and cycling to triathlons and swimming – the dedicated athletes of Team Aquaphor do it all and consistently take top honors in racing events both nationally and abroad. Their success is due in part to their use of Aquaphor (, a dermatologist-recommended healing ointment and a product of Beiersdorf, Inc., designed to help prevent chafing during workouts and competitions. For more information, visit

Today I got my Team Aquaphor Welcome was like an Aquaphor dream come true!!

No really, I got a lot of great stuff. Check me out in my race gear.

Part of my duties as a member of Team Aquaphor is to distribute Aquaphor samples. So if you need some Aquaphor, and, let's be real, if you ride a bike or run, you need Aquaphor, see me for a free sample!


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome! I love Aquaphor for all my chafed parts!

  2. Excellent. I love their product-well-the one that I use to deal with skin issues.


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