Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Mountain Goat Race Report

Today was my first race of the season--The Mountain Goat, a very hilly, 10-mile road race. I was super excited to race this again because the last time I did it was a couple of years ago when my youngest son was just nine months old. Needless to say, I was undertrained last time, so I was looking forward to seeing what I could do when I am in great shape (for me!).

I started of the morning with my favorite pre-race breakfast, toast with peanut butter and honey, a banana, and a cup of decaf coffee with cream. I also had a glass of water as well as some water on the way to the race. I made sure to eat around 7 because the start time was 10:15, and I wanted to be sure that I would not have any stomach problems. I got to the race with about 30 minutes to spare, and walked about 1/2 mile to the start. I waited in the super-long porta-potty lines and finished with about 1 minute to spare.

I started off very quick, which was not what I had planned. It seemed like I was going slower because so many people were passing me. I finally got my pace under control after the first mile. I saw Kel and the boys just after mile 2, so that was a huge pick-me-up.

There are a lot of hills in this race, but there are 2 that are absolutely killer--Colvin Street and Thornden Park. For me the scariest is Colvin Street. It is right around mile 6, it's steep and seems to go on forever. It just about killed me last time, and almost did again. I had already decided that if my heart rate got too high, I would walk. I ended up walking the last 10 yards, which I think was a very good decision. I really wanted to save some for the end. Colvin was definitely the biggest mental hurdle for me, and after I was done, I really felt home free. The Thornden Park hill didn't slow me down at all, and then it was downhill or flat to the finish. Kel and the boys surprised me in the last mile, so that gave me a boost for the finish. I really pushed in the last 2 miles.

Here are my splits:
1 08m 47s
2 09m 30s
3 09m 32s
4 08m 50s
5 09m 04s
6 09m 35s
7 09m 46s
8 09m 24s
9 08m 28s
10 08m 24s

And here are my final results:

1184 Kelly J. Covert 34 F# 348/783 F30-34 60/123 1:31:47 9:11 Baldwinsville NY

That's right...1:31:47!!! And, according to my Garmin, it was actually 10.08 miles! That's about 12.5 minutes faster than last time.

Here's me (in the pink) just after mile 2, totally excited to see Kel and the boys.

And here I am in the last mile.

My next race is the swim and run of Rev3Tri Half-Iron. I am looking forward to seeing how my run training reflects in the half-marathon, which is also hilly.

Watch out I come.


  1. Kelly
    You looked great-before, running and after! Great job today and (clearly) the training has paid off. Good for you-have a great week.

  2. Great race and great splits! You look like you are having a blast! :)


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