Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Day of Training

So, as you know, I'm done teaching for the summer (my college students, anyway), and I still have my babysitter paid through the end of next week. I usually use this time to get caught up on stuff like doctor's appointments, errands, cleaning my house, and, of course, training!

Well, I have had a few appointments, I have definitely run a lot of errands, I have done a small amount of house cleaning (I really have!!), but I am winning the gold medal in the training department. In fact, I think I might have overdone it just a bit yesterday.

This was my day:

7:00 Breakfast with boys, made lunches, drop off at sitter's around 9:00
9:30 Taught one hour spin class
10:30 Ran just under a mile with some girls from my class...I stuck with the slowest group, so it was a nice cool down for me.
11:00 Errands
11:30 Lunch (delicious spinach salad with warm vinaigrette)
1:00 Off for a was so beautiful here yesterday I couldn't help myself...I rode 26 miles.
2:35 Home for a snack, a shower, and time to clean my room (mainly putting away all of the clean workout clothes that I threw all over the place looking for my favorite bike shorts, which ended up being downstairs in the laundry room...and I also changed the sheets and made the bed.)
3:50 Got Ryan off the bus and rode bikes to pick up Noah. We ended up taking a long bike ride (slow, but I was pulling Noah in the trailer) to the playground.
5:30 Home for a little down time before dinner.
6:30 Dinner
7:00 Haircuts for all the boys (big and small) in the house
7:45 Off to Target to get some cough medicine.
8:30 One hour of Masters Swim...after it was done, I was seriously questioning my decision-making skills. I was so tired I wasn't even sure I could drive home, but a carton of chocolate milk helped me make it.
10:36 Lights out...I slept like a rock.


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